2016 Breitbart/SiriusXM Election Night Coverage (Partial)

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2016 Breitbart/SiriusXM Election Night Coverage (Partial)


Mike Stanley says:

I love Mike31, yes I do
I love Mike31, how bout you?

Dana Lee says:

It never gets old!

Dan Lorett says:

Michael Reagan, shut the fuck up. Manafort did the job he was hired to do, and he left when they needed a different campaign manager with different skills. They planned to have a 3 phase campaign with a different campaign manager during each phase.

This is literally just a case of "success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan". This is just Michael Reagan trying to take credit when he literally has nothing to do with Trump's campaign. Notice he's not even smart enough to change his prepared narrative "if only they would have listened to ME and put ME in charge they would have won" – he still pushes the same narrative that they didn't give him enough power. Michael Reagan had no idea Trump even had a chance to win, and here he is trying to claim credit like all the scumbag GOP establishment cucks. Karl Rove tried to do the same thing for Paul Ryan and Scott Walker – he was on Fox late into the night on election night claiming that Paul Ryan and Scott Walker were the reason Trump won Wisconsin… even though Walker refused to help the campaign at all and Paul Ryan most of the time wouldn't even say Trump's name.

This is just ONE of the many reasons why even Republican voters hate the GOP establishment.

Larissa d. says:

Trump did not need Michael Reagan's advice. Nauseating to hear.

Tom Dockery says:

Trump vs Hillary.It was a Walter Egan song,MAGNATE and STEAL.It took a real estate guy to prove that the most important factor in elections is the same as it is in real estate:LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION.

Randy Curtin says:

Thank you for posting. What a great night it was!

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