7 Fast Facts About Imran Awan, Wasserman Schultz’s Jailed IT Vendor

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TheLaser373 says:

i'Slam is brain cancer.
ALL left libtards and democ'rats are infected!

Marty Lynchian says:

You got to warn your audience when you show that Aborted Hyenna Wasserman shultz face.

Charlie Mac says:

Worcestire Sauce is a grub.

tom johnston says:

another glass ceiling

Max Life says:


Playingwith3D says:

The ruling class don't even care if you know how corrupt they are anymore. They are untouchable, and they know it.

molly bird says:

Democrats have corrupted all of our agencies…..voye them all out in 2018 and beyond.
we all need to call our senators and demand justice now !!!

Granny Loca says:

I always knew that bitch was dirty.

John Ratko says:

Pakistan: Home to the highest percentage of a population who hate America of any country in the entire world.

Bobby Smith says:

Debbie WS looks like a wet poodle lol

The RedHeadedArtist says:

Well, that was a sheer waste of my time! Not one iota of anything new in this video, despite new info being available, and only WEEK OLD INFO INCLUDED!

Those who are running Breitbart now are merely running it into the ground! Andrew Breitbart would be livid at the severe lack of hard hitting journalism today!


The Under Network - Main says:

Time to face the consequences lady. What goes around comes around.

Tabac1959 says:

The Demo-clods identified in having dealings with the Muslim information spy ring are a group of subversives.

Lady Lone Star USA says:

I believe we have found the collusion we all should be more concerned about!

Richard Howarth says:

What does it take to arrest and prosecute these people?? How much more innocent blood has to be shed before someone has the "Balls" to do their fucking job and put these criminals in jail? How much more evidence do you need to charge and convict these people…All of Them!!! Thank God for his day of "Judgement"

John Smith says:

"And you should expect that there will be consequences."

KaosReigns says:

Drain the pedo swamp! now!

coffeefish says:

The H1B visa program is a cancer on the American workforce. The sickness extends to our universities and colleges, entrusted to train the next generation of American worker. The Leftist and often foreign professors are happy to participate in this anti-America agenda by favoring foreign students and ignoring American talent. The H1B visa fraud is transforming our industries and professions into racially biased foreign cabals. H1B visa fraud must end now.

Elven Mage Jr says:

Fucking corrupt ass DNC. What a disgrace to this great country.

Hayabusa Dragon says:


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