Celebrities Know What’s Best for Us

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Celebrities know what’s best for us regular folks. Let’s learn from their wisdom. Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Mark Dice says:

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Andrew Hall says:

McCain may not be able health wise to make decisions.brain cancer hymn good enough reason to ignore his decisions they are questionable .

Dagoof2k7 says:

What is Cher doing here in the US still? Wasn't she supposed to go to Jupiter?

Dusty Reason says:

McCain the hero who got a medal for being captured.

Barry Brookens says:

John McCain's brain surgery stitches look phony. How can he have had surgery on any part of his brain threw his eyebrow? How can a surgery go threw his skull along his eyebrow, without leaving a huge black eye that should have lasted for weeks? How did he bounce out of his surgery aftercare hospital bed after having brain surgery, to go to DC to vote and make a public speech so soon? Smells like a diversion from the real truth, that McCain voted "NO" only, because he is an Establishment, New World Order, Globalist Owned, Never Trump Politician. And he totally lied to our country when he claimed that he was going to repeal and replace Obamacare when he was running for president.

H00dRich2825 says:

I was so mad when people were saying "thoughts and prayers" when the news came out about john McCain. All he's good for is having a raging boner when a war starts except for that, not much else

Christian Monti says:

The transition from brain cancer to liberalism was beautiful.

118:8 118:10 says:

Everbody forgets about McCain and the Keating 5……..

alma villa says:

The cure for.liberalism is JESUS!!!!

Humphrey Smiggens says:

McCain is a traitor- but you have to admit, his new face tattoo looks pretty bad ass

Justin Bruen says:

Clown voice is slightly annoying when trying to get straight to the info but also fun when I need a laugh


Trump has made America the laughing stock of the world.

sski says:

McTumor is the perfect example of why Oswalds and Roofs should be a standard fixture among our society.

myron162 says:

Poor Johnny… His real problem is Rinostic Liberalism. Incurable…

Jay Bird says:

Aggressive tumor FTW

Robert Anderson says:

Simply rule for Republicans: When Democrats universally praise your position you are on the wrong side. BTW, someone needs to remind McCain about that Senate rule about denigrating or casting dispersions on a fellow senator from the Senate floor (reference to his comments on Rand Paul being an agent of Putin.)

Triggerpimp says:

I'm a seinfeld and mark dice fan hmmm

Vyse Legendaire says:

I also hope McCain gets what he deserves. Surviving long enough in sufficient health to reflect on the self-centered, insincere, and transparent villain he was throughout his career, and having been drained of all empathy – as he has gladly traded his humanity for notoriety – being unable even to shed a tear for the husk of his vapid self, vanishing from this realm naught but a cicada husk emptied of his once-rumored human self.

Drunken Duncan says:

insane in the McCain.

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