Chelsea Clinton Caught Spreading Fake News!

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Chelsea Clinton just got busted spreading fake news, and then issues a pathetic apology which was almost just as bad as the nonsense she was spreading on social media. Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Mark Dice says:

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dudehdt says:

thank u for setting the record straight for us against the misleading leftists!!!

afic10 says:

Trump was literally killing that little boy by not shaking his hand, but us liberals avoid that by killing babies straight in the womb, pay for my abortions!!!

past the breakers says:

I'd bang Chelsea

yaahme says:

Like mother like daughter UGGGHHH !!!!!

Card Shark says:

Chelsea does look like that superimposed jackass.  Good work Dice.  SUPPORTRUMPOWER!

A A says:

Her eyebrows are the same color as a body bag.

Bipbop66 says:

Well….both are good at fiction and having fictitious lives!……..let me say this again…Our President for forever in American history is our 45th president of the United States of America…….understand?

No name says:

Hey cheal pee, you are a lesbian piece of shit just like you muther… lying ass Killary.

Jean Wetherbee says:

, I don't think that your videos are offense at all, and I am not a spring chicken.

James Mark says:

Trump and the rest of the Republicans are all cowards and fools. How else can you explain the fact that the Republicans control both houses of Congress and the Presidency, yet there is no special council investigating the Clintons, DW Scultz, or Louis Lerner? Instead, the special council is investigating Trump and his family. The Republicans (including Trump) really are the party of stupid – that's why I'm no longer a registered Republican. They stand for nothing and let the Dems walk all over them, even when they are the ones in the majority – pathetic!

Pokey Cottons says:

The kid was just holding something up, like a card, to show to Donald.

Mike says:

Even plastic surgery can't hide the horse's ass behind the makeup.

Charmer4856 says:

Hillary loves Christina Aguilera

TheMetalGuy852 says:

Pig demon! Lmao

oscarfelix1952 says:

Chelsea Clinton, as transparent as her mother and about as (un)nfluential as her mother. Keep it up please….Trump supporters love you!!!

Goo Gle says:

i agree with just about everything you say. Yet, i find you incredibly annoying.

Chris Keithley says:

chelsy. dike. cunt. is fucking soooooooooo….nasty….
. trumps family is soooooooooo ausome

Terrance Fields says:

Dude you rock.

Davey B says:

LIBTARDS will never learn

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