Debbie Wasserman Schultz Imran Awan Dulles FBI $165000 Bank Fraud hard drive Daily Caller

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no corroboration from, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, FBI, or The Daily Caller who reported that the FBI had seized smashed hard drives from Awan’s
home. This has not been confirmed, however, by any other media sources at this
time and the information came from an unnamed, anonymous source. Imran
moved out of his Hawkshead Drive, Lorton, Va home & listed it for rent on a
website that connects landlords with military families & Marine Corps veteran
& female Navy Officer tenants said they found “wireless routers, hard drives
that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner.”
The tenants called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and, not long after, FBI
agents arrived together with the Capitol Police to interview them and confiscate
the equipment. The Marine spoke on condition of anonymity because of concerns
for his wife’s naval career, saying she doesn’t want to be associated with a national
security incident. “It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along
the walls. They left in a huge hurry,” the Marine said. “It looks like government-issued
equipment. We turned that stuff over.”

to arrest for Bank Fraud At Dulles Airport & after trying to leave the country, he
surrendered his passport & to establish probable cause for this he was charged
with attempt to defraud the Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union to
obtain money owned by Congressional Federal Credit through a $165,000 loan
because Awan’s & his wifes property was a primary residence, not a rental, &
Alvi intended to use the property as a permanent residence even though she was
renting property somehwere else.

SEO why invoke un involved Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
who fired him “Mr. Awan previously served as a part-time employee but his
services have been terminated. No charges, evidence or findings from the
investigation have been formally shared with our office, so we cannot comment

Hawkshead Dr, Lorton, VA 22079 = 38.6951651,-77.2333649,-77.2333649,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89b654843f5b74e1:0x3e691804e31f0d7?force=lite


Adrienne Saffer says:

With proper lighting , and make-up she can look ok.

Mike Reed says:

Debbie snaggletooth Shultz

Adrienne Saffer says:

These Anwan brothers, out witted , out smarted, and double crossed Debbie .



Brian Berner says:

Debbie Washer Machine Schultz was, I believe, coined by Dave Acton, or at least that is where I first heard it. Yeah, I thought it was good too. From what I understand, Dave Action is George Webb's brother. Reality is stranger than fiction.

GDPops says:


P S says:

Awesome voice!

Realitycleans says:

Awan has his first hearing on the 21st of August. What's the over/under on him committing suicide on the 20th?

Brian Berner says:

I don't know Waptek. It doesn't look good for the democrats on this one. I think Debbie Washer Machine Schultz is looking for her hard drive.

Brian Berner says:

Wow. Quick turnaround. Thanks Waptek.

WashakadaSpirit says:

You're so right about how DWS appears. The funniest description I've heard of her is "Satan's Poodle". I can't find anything warm or likeable about her.

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