No Things Considered July 27, 2017

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Michael Moore refuses to leave, Twitter won’t ban Trump, and Dancing with the stars gets Spicey!


Juggo fortytwo says:

dhcgtmfuyhjgklh gklg jugju ik giugi ugi u

That's the name for Hillary's book, it's her head bouncing off the keyboard while having another seizure.

Edward Garrison says:

Clinton book : Damn! It was my turn.

Edward Garrison says:

Why is Moore's voice so effeminate ?

Blessedone333AZ says:

It's Al Gore's fault for inventing the internet!

Blessedone333AZ says:

Because I'm a WOMAN DAMN it!

Blessedone333AZ says:

Bill made me do it!

Blessedone333AZ says:

It's George Bushes fault!

Casey Schofield says:

boo boo boo can you drop Clinton out of politics if you can't then how can we as a country move on it goes the same way if and when Trump gets impeach so as a country no matter what happens in the mid-term elections and the following election in 2020 we need to move on

Douglas Stormborn says:

Michael Moore, please commit suicide.

joe45678tc says:

Always best policy to let people go at the end of the day with zero notice ahead of time. Interns, leakers, transgender, Rice Prius, O'Banion.

Deplorable Colleen says:

I am Your Grandmother (Abuela)

Kayvon K says:

Keep talking about DWS and Imran Awan. Thanks.

The Dirty Infidel says:

'99 excuses, and this bitch ain't one'


Why should trannies be in the military they have a 45 percent suicide rate

Pringle Peddler says:

Lovely… Haven't laughed this hard in years


You guys deserve more subscribers

mrcain says:

Who was that guy in the Michael Moore mask?

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