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Sub for more: | Stacy Law for Liberty Writers reports, In the most under-reported scandal maybe ever, Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ former Pakistani IT guy, who was arrested last week by the FBI. Prior to arrest he tried to hide whatever is on his computer hard drives by smashing them to smithereens.

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samson galactis says:

what is the punishment for treason?

bushhog63 says:

These people are too dumb to get rid of evidence properly. I won't give them any ideas of how to do it but it isn't that hard to do.

Leah 2604 says:

FBI might have read the files, but can we trust them?

Joey Gibbs says:

Get a Rope ready….

Spirit Script says:

"Filthy cockroach" LOL But true!!! She's trash! TY 🙂

Christy Alvarado says:

We better start seeing some arrests soon…..We are sick of this shit! If it were you or I, we would already be on a first name bases with the guard's at the Prison!! #DOUBLESTANDARDBULLSHIT

mark caves says:

Lock it up!!

The,Awakened Christian says:

Jewish Elites and their hidden deep state agenda was very tabo… but now it's all out for Christianity loving people to See and Witness …

Larry Eisenberg says:

High profile Democrats, after years of "untouchability" no matter what they do, are now being exposed for what they truly are, and it is not a pretty picture. Yes!

MrDennisLB says:

Again, this is all to make the public look in a different direction. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a JEW and the Jew's run the U.S. Congress. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. If anything, she will be sent back to Israel….Then the news will go silent about her.

David Baker says:

Arrest her!

Shaun t Pearson says:

It is no wonder she is terrified and with good reason. Not only does the FBI have the smashed hard drives . But they have the IT guy , and you know he'll do anything to stay out of prison. Including turning States evidence on not only Debbie Wasserman Schultz but any and all congressmen that he had computer access to . This guy is in grave danger and I pray nothing happens to him until after he gives his testimony.

dannyoman says:

She look like an evil auntie like a monster scary !

NightFrightTalkShow says:

why don't we see this on fox news this news seems to get it quick great going guys lock her up lol.

Bryan Ackland says:

And MSM is NOT talking about it…….hahahahaaa! We are so sick of MSM…..Just let it go MSM we are on to you …..Its NOT WORKING

Richard Byrd says:

fib stopped him from ratting on them all!

Sagans Run says:

Hope there is enough evidence on them to drain the swamp of a lot of crooks.

Sagans Run says:

He must not be much of an IT guy. The best way to destroy s hard drive is to put a very strong magnet all over it.

SAY UNCLE!!! says:

Still not enough.

sun flower says:

She needs to be charged, arrested and convicted for aiding terrorists.  They were members of the muslim brotherhood.

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