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Gez501 says:

I'm afraid that "The meek shall NOT inherit the Earth". That's pure Globalist propaganda. OMG – Alex is losing it. Is he a comedy act? Can we really take him seriously? We know he's wealthy, but he is no certainly no politician. His GUESTS? Now that's a different matter altogether.

John Gibas says:

i have been permanently suspended from twitter for what they say bad speech, i asked them for the proof and what tweet is was. they said no,. they removed my deactivation option so they can use me as a number to ad to their revenue., they have become a clear and present danger to the 1st amendment. they have one sided free speech .

Richard V says:

The criminal freakshow these Clintons are is just mind blowing . I always knew they were crooked but just this last year I learned how bad it really was . It's like , everything they do or say has a criminal motive behind it . Everything .

Shawna Schneider says:

Pete Dow, that's exactly right and they want a race war and our first amendment gone!!! It is COMING my brother because I was shown this in a dream/vision from the MOST HIGH POWER!!! I been trying to warn people. They are using the 1950,s-1960 model plan that was created by the Old Communist Kremlin!!! The research is out there people. It's a culture war they want!!! We have to tell people not to fall into this evil lie! GOD BLESS YOU!

Sica Lucian Vasilica Balis says:

Alex Team, I wish to give you a GOOD advice for your studio background panel. Every in a while, a picture emerges from a square on the map, enlarges and moves accross the panel, before shortly dissipating in any other square spot. Can you confirm my advice is helpful?

Pete Dow says:

Well that is because the Media Moguls do not want the TRUTH out there !!! Because it literally shuts down their own Agenda of Destroying all governments and civilizations with what is the ACTUAL TRUTH !!!
Particularly those of the Western Nations; So they can usher in their own ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT !!! These same are doing all they can to foment all out Chaos and World War including Racial War, to enable Complete Collapse of all nations worldwide.
It is why they are now even changing actual History in order to further agitate all peoples everywhere, particularly towards the WHITE RACE, being their Target of Focus; Whom they are doing all they can to Utterly Destroy !!!
And why we now see continuously more and more people of color screaming KILL all the White People or KILL all the Christians !!! This is happening because WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ON THIS EARTH WHO ARE HOLDING THEM ALL AT BAY !!! It is also the very reason that no matter what an all out WAR is coming on a WORLDWIDE SCALE !!!
It is also FACT that 9 out of every 10 of them will Perish because of this FOOLISHNESS they so blindly pursue and they will never realize this until it is TOO LATE TO STOP IT !!!

Judas Jones says:

The whites have always, and will always rule the world.

Judas Jones says:

The lady does hold up the torch of liberty in her right hand. Not the left.

Piri Kan says:

HaHa , so funny !

noelmilli says:

Alex – please stop talking over Paul.

Joseph Hart says:

don't stop jpw u r butifull baby

Brad Pittman says:

Brightened my day with the Clinton voice.

Brad Pittman says:

Omg the bill Clinton voice lmfao oh damn man. That's perfect. !!!

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