Paul Joseph Watson Destroys J. K. Rowling And Her Hypocrisy

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No Trump didn’t ignore a disabled boy, you utter moron.

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Butt Head says:

I don't even like Harry Potter anymore because of her stupid ramblings.

joe Schlotthauer says:

Never heard of her, I must not be in her "in crowd". The second time around the boy was showing Trump his honorary CIA badge.

zephyr2010ac says:

I'll never forget that stupid documentary on telly about JK before she wrote her books. She was dressed like a normal working class woman, with her sister, taking a look in the tiny flat she was living in and other crap. Of course it was all for show, it didn't pull the wool over my eyes!!!!!

Deweynoodle Xxxx says:

what do you expect from a witch and the nerve she introduced hundreds of thousands of children to witchcraft spells curses and away from god and Jesus may god rebuke her satanic ass

efc toffee says:

The only good thing about JK Rowling is her big fat saggy tits.

jbscotchman says:

I'm getting so sick of these hypocrite celebrities acting all holier than thou.

Kallsin says:

Paul Joseph Watson sounds so whiney & nasally when he talks. I can't watch him lol

Ian says:

Iran called J. K. Rowling a demonic witch years ago and banned all her movies. This is why Iran should be respected.

MadNinjaGato Shadow says:

Rowlingus Vileonium Pieceez Shittardo.

BetheChange Me says:

Its pretty clear now that the world we are living in is a step above hell. Its a choice between good and evil choose Jesus and choose Heaven because once death comes time runs out.
HEED THIS WARNING! God forgives everything but you must be willing to see your ways are bad and repent. Almost everyone hurts others in some way (sin) so please repent and make a beeline for God. God is real, demons are real, Good is real, evil is real, Heaven is real, hell is real CHOOSE HEAVEN AND MAKE JESUS YOUR LORD BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

God bless us all!

grandpied says:

J.K. Rowling lives in a sound proof, bullet proof, bubble.

ramivalencia says:

I really enjoy when Watson starts a video by calling a liberal a sack of shit, like he did with Michael Moore. It gets right to the point.

vid76 says:

Bravo Thank you PJW!!!!

cmtmj2006 says:

I love the chipmunk voice.  Libtards really talk strange.

Scouseman08 says:

J K Rowling is a total fake and phone herself. Her books are purely based on data wars and then used lots of rings too. Also the fantastic beasts shit its also a total fake and stolen from men in black. She should be sued and imprisoned for crones against the world

Joe Shmoe says:

Using a disabled child to further her own agenda , pretty poor .

jordan wallace says:

Liberals are like fucking ZOMBIES.. they make me sick fucking RETARDS

William Clinton says:

So well put, Mr Watson, Rowling is a vile piece of (hypocritical) shit -nothing more than that. I find her books crap, the movies on them silly nonsense and it's altogether immensely overrated.

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