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Sub for more: | Alex Santana for Liberty Writers reports, Amidst an endless swarm of accusations from the media after the firing of James Comey, the Senate made a statement Tuesday proving President Trump knew exactly what he was doing.

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S B says:

More swamp.

Leo Tavison says:

hmmm.. I don't know. .If the MAJORITY of DEMONRAT senators ""liked" him and approved his nomination so easily, that means he IS probably one of them and that they KNOW who he is and that means they "trust " he will work for THEM and not against them, they see him as "KOSHER " and feel comfortable because they KNOW he is NO THREAT to the DEEP STATE and they will not go to jail….I hope I'm wrong? We need justice , and the DemonRATs and corrupt republican swamp creatures, flushed down the toilet.

Jaanus Kiipli says:

FBI should seriously look into Seth Rich debacle.

Richard Clanton says:

Very happy to see the new FBI director get such an over whelming vote of approval. And now that the five Democrats have been spotted, it's time for Trump to ensure that they neither win their next election nor retire with any real wealth – unleash the IRS!

Dean Colburn says:

When EVERYBODY cheers for the same guy, that means he an establishment guy. If some people aren't "shitting their drawers", everybody still feels safe. I don't feel all that fluffy inside. Everybody loved Sessions little Keebler elf's ass. Tell the elves they can have their village idiot back at the Tree baking cookies. Killery still walks free, he set law enforcement loose on ms-13 and goes directly into increasing civil asset forfeitures against an increasingly popular peoples movement about de-criminalizing marijuana. WHILE ALL THIS OTHER SHIT IS ATTACKING THE PRESIDENT AND AMERICA AT IT'S CORE. THERE'S AN ATTEMPED COUP GOING ON RIGHT NOW DIRECTLY AFTER EVERY CRIMINAL PEDOPHILE IN GOVERNMENT DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD LEGAL AND ILLEGAL UP TO AND INCLUDING SEVERAL MURDERS< WHERE THE FUCK IS SESSIONS? Everyone feels froggy about this guy, I don't.

Connie k says:

The dems did not block him? Makes me suspicious. Another deep state plant?

Doug Clark says:

Democrats, MSM and liberals all playing checkers, Trump is playing chess.

no name says:

OK, Mr. Wray go get em!

Russell Ouellette says:

Now let's get these investigations started, call a grand jury and start indicting the criminals within our government. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

Michael Marshall says:

There will be many that will keep on hearing on Trump just for who he is . But he wants to really Drain The Swamp and if someone is not up to the job he lets them know and lets them go. Yes he is brash tough and arrogant. But you don't get to be a Billionaire by letting people walk all over you. Have Faith America he is the right choice and stop ragging on him about everything he does as it will pay dividends. Running The Economy Well only has a purpose if it delivers a human dividend ! Thank God you have a savvy business man as President as the last guy not only bankrupted the USA but was also morally Bankrupt!

Cree Cree says:

I agree with Faceman – actions speak louder than words. Perhaps the new FBI Director was voted in with little to no pushback from the Democrats for a reason

sun flower says:

More good news.

Mark Williams says:

Something fishy this stinks what's in it for the dems?

Masfaith3 says:

He must be one of the bad guys!Question? Why doesn't any one in the news talk about religion? I hear over and over again to talk to Russia "you are a traitor" because Russia is our enemy! That is what ISIS says, Muslim say, Islam teaches. With Imran Awan arrest it's clear the government is being blackmailed by Muslims, the Islamic State. Hillary's best friend is deeply tied to The Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim, Obama a Muslim, Schumer, so much more evidence tells us like McCain. This is the Muslim Islamic Brotherhood talking out f these people! Christians are the #1 enemy of Muslims! Christian Russia is the #1 enemy of The Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS! The Fed has a Turkish Muslim on its board, Islam has taken over the government, the Congress, CIA, FBI. They are using It has a War Machine. This is a religious war!

mark jones says:

He's dirty!!!! If the Dem-tards voted for him, he is neck deep in criminal activity, just like Mueller and his uranium one connection to Russia.

Ron Gruber says:

I find it funny how when people like Clinton were voted for for Secretary of State she had nearly one hundred percent I think she got 98 votes. That kind of tells you the difference between the the right in the bigot party of the left

Tony .w says:

possibility is of course …he is on the other the others he has sacked

Karen Hodges says:

Not getting excited about new FIB Director before I see what he does. Too much corruption for too long

av40229 says:

If your not with President Trump…. Your Fired !

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