YouTube to Censor “Controversial” Videos

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tontin bagnole says:

I thought making lists was banned. Because I'm French, and we all know the next step to making a list, is genocide … or cooking (but not with ovens)

Productionmark says:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked be up hate speech crap. I hope they chock in it.

Hacker0_o says:

Congrats on 1 million!!!

piet ikke says:

The top are probl. crazy SJW or Femists. I hope there are some that realize that if free speech is over the globalist get rid of Trump and open the borders some more for radicals. Go after patriots and rightwingers and cristians. Then go full totalitarian and like all communists systems the usefull idiots SJW, Antifa, BLM, they will be deald with to. They will not be alloud to live. This happend before in communist countrys. There is no turning back after this.

Feffnirsbane says:

alla svenskar som ser detta vår regering MÅSTE störtas nu börjar censuren vi måste störta dem innan de dödar oss.

Rob Ruitenberg says:

You all seem to think that hate speech is free speech. What could possibly go wrong?

Joro Lozev says:

Would youtube do anything if we start reporting femnazi, sjw, etc. videos for hatefull content because if that would change anything we could help.

Katrien the Belgian says:

Youtube is dying….

Illustrathor says:

I used to be a tradition liberal with a strong dendency to the left but all this thought and speech policing, all this PC bullshit and identity nonsense pushes me further to the right every day…

Brian Mulligan says:

YouTube is over if they do this and it will infect Google.

iskoconquers says:

What's worse is other genres that dont involve politics will get caught in the crossfire

Green Sabre says:

Just disabled YouTube app on a Google Android phone.

Jason Davids says:

Rip youtube

Kingdom Key says:

Can we just move to Pornhub already?

S3N7RY says:

"I have a bad feeling about this"

Jeff Dean says:

You Tube was never about Free speech. It was about making Money off of other peoples
hard work by partnering them up with Advertisers. Stop trying to monetize your videos on
You Tube and they will go under.

Liam East says:


MiREK says:

Just when I wanted to make a conservative/libertarian political series in Polish. Oh well, maybe they won't notice…

Jake Shuey says:

Vidme or Minds. Maybe even both…

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