CNN reporter spars with White House over immigration policy

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CNN’s Jim Acosta’s had a heated exchange with Trump adviser Stephen Miller after asking if President Trump is trying to change what it means to be an immigrant coming to America with the new merit-based immigration system.


Charlene Graham says:

Re. speaking English: there is a much higher likelihood that people from English-speaking countries will speak English before they get to the U.S. Therefore, requiring that people speak English in order to get a Green Card (i.e. before they become naturalized citizens since speaking English is already a requirement to become a citizen) limits the pool of applicants from non-English countries while benefitting applicants from English-speaking countries–of course. Also, people in non-English speaking countries who do speak English tend to be wealthier and well-educated in their own countries. So, again, even if immediate family members are still allowed to join their relatives under this new policy, those family members who are from a class of people who did not learn English as a second (or third or fourth) language in their own countries will be unable to meet the new requirement.

Scouser73 says:

Stephen Miller is a dead behind the eyes inherent racist, glad to see Jim Acosta putting him in his place.

Derick Neal says:

Jim Acousta got destroyed by facts. He wasn't ready for Stephens response CNN NEEDS TO DO BETTER

Alan G Mar says:

Monkeys in suits talking b.s

Timmy Turner says:

This feels third Reichy lol

wowee zowee says:

jim acosta embarrassed himself and his network. great job guys.

Patricia Bartosik says:

Another piece of shit in Trump's pathetic bathroom cabinet

Charlene Graham says:

The reasons AfAmericans, as a whole, have gained so little economic ground in this country that many are still at the same economic level as first-generation immigrants–and therefore vying for the same jobs–are many and diverse, but they have absolutely nothing to do with immigrants. This change in immigration policy has nothing to do with helping AfAmericans and AfAmericans, as a whole, are not the voices calling for it. We all know who wants this change and who, supposedly, benefits. Don't get it twisted.

J K says:

CNN is pathetic

amber trichs says:

The press really does live in a bubble

Ryan Chambers says:

Stephen Miller, you are so in the wrong, you need to respect Jim Acosta's safe space. Everyone knows that us liberals are the only people allowed to call others ignorant.
Stephen Miller you are a bully! How dare you pick on a harmless little creature like Ms. Acosta. Us liberals see the United States as the worlds nation; it belongs to everyone, especially exploited immigrants who pick our food, mow our lawns and clean our penthouses.
Shame on you! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

2VNews says:

Three best actions to help immigration issue:
1. Decriminalize drugs.
2. Enact the Fair Tax plan.
3. Reduce the red tape in the legal immigration process.

juxtapoze says:

CNN, intellectually destroyed by a new face in the WH. So awesome!

mrcain says:

CNN why do you allow this activist to represent you?

Chuck Diggle says:

Jim, are you a reporter or an activist? Ask a question, get an answer, report on it. Then readers/viewers can decide what to think about it. Arguing the point isn't your job.

Lyin Bryan says:

CNN : Home of Fake News

08srt8charger says:


The Watchful Hunter says:

I just want to punch Jim in the face over and over and over and over and over. What a prick. CNN is fake news always.

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