Israeli settlers seize Palestinian family homes in Hebron

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Israeli settlers seize Palestinian family homes in Hebron

The flashpoint city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank has seen a rise in tensions after Israeli settlers moved into three Palestinian apartments by force just over a week ago.

Within hours the army turned the site into a closed military zone, in effect providing protection to the settlers, and restricting the Abu Rajab family access to their own home.

The Abu Rajabs are slowly being forced from a cluster of apartment building, in which they have lived for decades.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan reports from Hebron.

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Afghan says:

How anyone can look at this and justify it is beyond me.

Mamoon Haque says:

And they wonder why they get bombed

Ovais Azlan says:

What thieves do?only steal and nothing else

DonD512 says:

So wrong smh

Zeeshan Ali says:

israilis is become a demon or what why they were doing this with Palestinian people

Lyn 00000000 says:

It was israel's before they were there , it is GOD'S land

First User says:

So why aren't western media reporting this? or are they only interested in reporting the part where Palestinians finally have had enough and react to this oppression?

Sheikh Ibrahim says:

israel will run away with out being chased … hasbunallaha waniimalwakil.

Benjamin Ben-shimon says:

Wow, this is horrible , I just can't believe that the Israelis would just evict a family out into the streets for no reason. This is wrong, I understand that the Israelis won this territory through war, but that was a long time ago. This kind of thing is never going to help them achieve peace.

Xaysana Boriboune says:

Us is arming the wrong side we need to arm the Palestinian and drive isreal
to the sea

trojanoutwood says:

Just gas the block out, simple worked before

Patrick Cruz says:

Where is Jared Kushner?

Shadow Runner says:

Where are all the Arab leaders to support their Palestinian "brothers"?

far out says:

There are people within Israel who condemn this tho, im all for an Israeli state but this is bullshit.

Bashir Habib says:

Injustice with Palestinians.
One day Israel will regret of its wrong doings and that too shortly in shaa Allah.

nvm nvm says:

this is some bullshit

Dre go,hard says:

Should have let hitler finish the job

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