President Donald Trump announces immigration overhaul with Sen. Cotton, Sen. Perdue

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The president is expected to announce legislation to overhaul the legal immigration system.

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scogator says:

Would Melania trump qualify on the point system. How many pints are bj to billionaires ?

scogator says:

Immigrants are hard workers and do not participate in the welfare system

brittany jones says:

It is about damn time

scogator says:

You are ignoring the entire population of undocumented people.

scogator says:

American workers get a pay raise and more opportunity by adding more people.

Edgar Arriola says:

I live in houston i see welfare office and people live under bridge the homeless are mainly white 6 out or 10 3 blacks maybe 1 hispanic latino…. Whats sad about that is that most of those u.s. citizens are getting checks and getting government aid… I personally spoke with many of them since a lot like to be around my place of work…. So who knows what the future may hold….. Illegal immigrants dont have socials or status therefore dont qualify for government help/aid

Stay Postive says:

Welcome to hell if you live in america

scogator says:

Amazing. We need phd sanitation workers.

Javed Roberts says:

Low wage immigrants? Only ppl who can speak English and ante rich can enter the United states? America was built on poor immigrants. What foolishness you talking trump

Argonaut121 says:

Friedrich Trumpf, the President's grandfather, came to America speaking no English, with little education and no money. He became a successful businessman. In Trump's new world neither my wife, nor my maternal grandparents nor my paternal grandfather would have been allowed in. All prospered; none was a drain on the economy. At a time when America is deporting thousands of people, when our birth rate is declining, when unemployment is low (as Trump loves to remind us by taking credit for it),  and when entry level jobs are going unfilled, this is incredibly short-sighted. The US economy will suffer the consequences.

Meme Queen Keri says:

1. Low wage immigrants do not take American jobs. Not the ones we want, at least. Would you want to work in a field picking tomatoes all day? Do you want to scrub toilets for a living? They do the jobs we don't want to do, they don't take the ones we have/want.
2. Do you know part of why illegal immigration is fairly high? Because it's hard to get a green card. This bill is only going to absolutely fuck the illegal immigration numbers because it makes it so much harder to actually get a green card.
3. Trump is a completely self-absorbed asshole. Of course he took the time to brag about shit at the end of the statement, why wouldn't he? A strong person wouldn't have to defend their every move and hold a colossal victim complex.

Crazy Cat Lady says:

Thank you President Trump for making the American people feel comfortable in their own country, thank you for caring about us!!!!

TheUltimateBeing01 says:

Hmmmm…. What would Jesus say about this policy.

chalinoahuesoduro says:

I just would like to point out that while Trump tries to make the US back to what it was" emphasis on back" other countries are ahead in cyber warfare n real time crisis. One can't make progress by eliminating assets one makes progress by adapting to current situations n working with them not against them. Once again US is focused on the wrong thing n needs to get it's act together before were caught with our pants down.

jmassa007 says:

Raise act, R-A-I-S-E. No shit, the rest of us know how to spell the word raise.

Jay Sandoval says:

What about the immigrants that are here now illegally ?

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