Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Spars With CNN’s Jim Acosta At Press Briefing

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Nerthus says:

"Foreign born population of the United States has quadrupled since 1970." This is due to the Immigration Act of 1965 which Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrat liars assured the American people would not change the ethnic makeup of the country nor lead to mass immigration from the third world. It was pushed by the same groups (ADL of B'nai B'rth, JDL, JNC) which have been pushing for mass non-white immigration into America for 100 years. Emma Lazarus, author of the irrelevant Statue of Liberty Poem, which has become he war cry of anti-white mass immigration advocates since it was added to the statue, belonged to that same anti-white Zionist coalition. Seriously, look it up yourself.

Matt Teeter says:

Acosta is such a dipshit

You r7 says:

I thought miller made a fair point…how many immigrants must get green cards until the financial impact of such a number starts to hurt low to middle wage american citizens. He then cited the low growth rate of the US economy during unprecedented periods of green card holding immigrants. Acosta could have responded, for example, by pointing out the low growth rate of Japan as a unfriendly immigrant country OR stressed the fact that low growth rates cannot be solely blamed on low wage immigration because of other contributory factors. But no….Acosta has to suggest that xenophobia and racism is the motivation….Acosta had a chance to enter into a civil and rational dialogue with miller on an important issue. It would have helped the country better understand the issues but it would not have helped CNNs rating. Pls America, wake up

Frank Gravante says:

CNN  Clown News Network. Jim Acosta is a self absorbed, attention seeking clown.

Corey Hennigan says:

Someone get an ice pack. Acosta got his ass whooped!

Dreadlock Unicorn says:

Jim Acosta is a mess

THOMAS Dowling says:

The Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with immigration or huddled masses yearning to get on the welfare gravy train!

razumfrackle says:

Top 5 foreign English speaking nations by population (in order):

India: 125M English Speakers
Pakistan : 94M English Speakers
Philippines: 90M English Speakers
Nigeria: 79M English Speakers
United Kingdom: 59M English Speakers

NOTE: the top 5 are non-white countries.

Maximus Truth says:

Puff face on-the-toilet Jim needs a plate of hot Indian tacos to get his endorphins back pumping after getting trounced in front of the world by Trump Jew Stephen Miller. Especially from 3:15 onward.

Nick at Night rival, PLEASE stop these affirm. action hires, thx.

i love meow meow says:

someone should punch the shit out of miller

Charles M Rinehart says:

Miller has lost a lot of hair.

boogerhead0 says:

@Acosta once again you have shown everyone your are a fool.

Terry Peterson says:

Acosta needs to be "Accosted" by an illegal, then he might sing a different tune…well, probably not!

Kirk Crawford says:

Spars he kick Jim's ass then wiped the floor up with him. Jim tried to start a fight and got slapped down.

heera rodriguez says:

Turn off his damn mic.

Why the hell you keep letting him talk?

clewcringle says:

Stephen Miller for press sec!

graycloud057 says:

CNN= communist news network. Acosta makes no sense.

TylrT 82 says:

New Rules for Children in the WH Presser- Each child gets one question, any child who tries to ask more than one question (or sasses) not only loses their opportunity instantly but also lose the opportunity to ask during any second round and the next press conference that follows. If a pattern emerges of waywardness then the child will need to be removed and replaced by another representative of the network/organization/publication.

Ginu Raju says:


Moises K. says:

just ask Jim Acosta where and in what neighborhood he lives. That will tell you just what he really things about immigrants.

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