Trump backs plan to curb legal immigration

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President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind legislation that looks to curb the level of legal immigration into the United States by proposing a skills-based immigration system. CNN’s Sara Murray reports.


rich b says:

What a fucking joke this dick is. Stop low wage workers but let in educated workers while educated Americans can't find good paying jobs and have a ton of education debt. He has his fat mouth on business class cock real tight. Hey !!! gutless Orange Man !!! end all immigration you sack of shit.

Justme21021 says:

Fuck Trump !!!! My Respect to CNN !!! Stay Strong CNN !!!!

onlythewise1 says:

so America lets in one million immigrants a year and expects to find jobs for them all

ame7272 says:

I can imagine the coward Bannon sitting in a room laughing. Every two days he sends his clown with something new and provocative.

juan dominguez says:

What are his wife's merits? Posing nude and looking retarded?

Bobbi Bucket Bong says:

this is da fake nothing burger news

IVORY123100 says:

So he want not only to bring back American jobs and also bring in the smartest and hardest working people from around the world here ?? Bring in those that will contribute and build thriving tax paying businesses ?? .. The man is a genius .. Now I know the democrats only want low skilled immigrants..That they can use taxpayer money for government handouts and buy their votes with it .. … If you are going to build a rocket .. You don't base the building of it on diversity . You base it on your ability .. Go Trump … Brilliant absolutely Brilliant

Steve S says:

A merit based system sounds like a smart idea.

julian hobrough says:

Trump's grandfather was exiled from Bavaria for being a draft dodger. America accepted this piece of scum. Wnat does that say about American values? This is without doubt the saddest travesty in modern times. Get Trump out of the white house. He's no damn good.

heera rodriguez says:

Curb legal immigrants?

This is to bring in immigrants who will be American, not people who speak their foreign language in our lands and are too lazy to learn English.

LightBearer says:

United States of Elitists

LightBearer says:

I made a video explaining why
Capitalism needs mass immigration

Henry Albrecht says:

Trump and his supporters = NO ONE LIKES YOU!

CNN says:

I Am Fake News.

Kenneth Dixon says:

I want to see Milania's visa.


COMPANY OWNERS are only good if they know how to PROVIDE SKILLS needed to their EMPLOYEES to succeed at their business…. If no one can PROVIDE SKILLS, and education is TOO EXPENSIVE, then this system is UNSUSTAINABLE!

Matt Havens says:

is it not hypocritical for someone to curb natural legal immigration while they apply for nearly 100 foreign visas for foreign workers to work for his business'….all while being a billionaire and telling Americans we need less foreign workers and a healthier u.s. driven job sector? read a man's actions….instead of listening to his words. words are comfort to a fucking fool.


DONALD TRUMP is actually considered sort of SMART…. But I think I COULD do a better job HANDLING this than HIM!!!!

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