Tucker Talks To Trump Advisor That Got Speiered By The Left 7 / 14 / 2017

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Tucker Talks To Trump Advisor That Got Speiered By The Left
7 / 14 / 2017


Pippa Maza says:

Ha, Trump is the criminal family? I think she meant the Clintons

Michelle Campbell says:

When I was a child (1950's) we were forced to participate in "war drills" in grade schools. The scenario was based on imminent nuclear attacks from the dirty communists in the USSR. For our protection and survival, we were taught to huddle under our desks to wait out the nuclear attacks in relative safety. As a consequence of this and with the support of the MSM (go figure) through the years I grew up hating everything Russian as did most of the other children subjected to governmental war propaganda of the cold war. This is probably the foremost reason why all these old shits (and their new age puppies) in the government (and the MSM) irrationally hates Russia to this day. They have been the perfect fall guys for over 70 years more or less used to camouflage our terrorist meddling around the world.

sentforth5 says:

Tucker…got his chips cashed in..meet Tucker, he's a doo dah man….together, more or less in life, just keep Tucker on….

A. S. C. says:

Woooooow idiot overload.
How to qualify to be a democrat= be extremely dumb.

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