White House Adviser Stephen Miller Clashes With CNN’s Jim Acosta

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ho2cultcha says:

real news. fake president.

fuck you stephen miller – nazi scum of the earth.

Control Freak says:

Regardless of this altercation we should not prioritize people by how much money they make. It is just a waste of time. This reform sucks.

Blaxsaidwhat? says:

Illegal immigration is completely our out of control, I applaud the president's efforts, although it will probably die on the house floor.


Ugh, 45 has been pretty clear with his racism, anyone who denies it are either blind or agree with said statements and actions and believe that they're not racist, while they talk down about different groups on the basis of race. Also, clearly those of you looking at Jim Acosta's comments and taking it at base value, clearly don't understand subtext.

maumau67 says:

Jim Acosta is a f#cking idiot.

Taffygirlgood says:

Hahaha! He threw that fake news reporter's racism back in his face, the fact that he didn't get it and continued in the same vein, speaks to the utter clueless stupidity of SJW's and the left in general.

dafttool says:

Ah, the fake outrage. Is it Seasons Greetings time again already?

Nicholas Kazantzidis says:

It's the dumbest statement. I just went to Greece and half the county speak English

The Persian Atheist says:

He meant "majority" not "only" UK and Australia.

Digistrom X says:

Acosta just blew my mind with his statement, this goes beyond anti-Trump bias or cosmopolitan bias – this is raw fucking stupidity.

Boston Isfun says:

Jim acosta thinks everyone outside Great Britain and Australia are uneducated and stupid

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