Indians fear dam plan could destroy hundreds of villages

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Indians fear dam plan could destroy hundreds of villages

A plan by the Indian government to increase the size of a dam has led to protests. Locals say raising the Sardar Sarovar dam on the Narmada river in Gujarat will wipe out hundreds of villages across four states and could cause the deaths of hundreds who refuse to move.

The plan to raise the dam has been around for decades, but with increased power demands, the government felt this was the time to act.

An appeal to India’s Supreme Court to stay an eviction order has failed and now thousands of families are faced with being forcibly moved from their homes.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher explains.

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The Asian Post says:

East and West AJ is best.

Avidi Arshid says:

Katuwa al jazeera now wants to block power plants and dam to stop india growing. This kind of drama with the help of foreign funded NGOs have been happening for ages. Now since proper government has come to power, most of these NGOs funds have been cut short. LOL guess what, we will build the dam, now u katuwas go fck yourself.

No Body says:

onion smells

Dark83Noodle says:

Let those fools ask israel for help

Geoffrey Leonard says:

Incomplete reporting. What did the government give as a compensation to the affected. How much if any. Did they offer to relocate. I'm in IT and I can do a better job at reporting than this reporter

vaanan navin says:

Now they r all Anti-Hindu , Anti-Indians? lol

Aditya Sinha says:

They want electricity also and then won't like to sell there land to Government.
Useless emotional logic by Medha
Terrorist supporting channel Al Jazeera.

Gabriel Castaneda says:

Al Jazeera, this sounds… Idk. Where does the funding go. Is this a terrorist news network?

Bee Bharath says:

al Jazeera as always looking to shadow India …..gud luck with that dumbfuck al Jazeera

Sufi Saint says:

Sardar Sarovar dam will help preserve and rebuild thousands of villages and millions of farmers.

Shadow Runner says:

Sounds no different than India's Israeli overlords and their "settlements".

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

the indian government plans to destroy 100 of villages for a dam are
they nuts wtf??? where do these people should live? freaking india…
where you can say good bye to your feces on the street if you flush your
toilet in the hotel room!

Vivek Chouhan says:

All people protesting telling emotional lie . But they take all requirements from govt

godofredo salazar says:

Es un canal lleno de genialidades para la información q cubre la noticia donde se genera es extraordinario

Rakesh Dalal says:

Why Indian government is not banning this nonsense channel, it's really bigot,

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