Trump Warns Boy Scouts About Fake News

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President Trump gave a speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree, where he warned them about fake news, and gave them some encouragement about achieving their goals, so of course liberals are upset about it.

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Mark Dice says:

If you love watching my videos then toss me a one-time tip at to help me become fan-funded because YouTube is screwing me by demonetizing my videos since they I'm too “offensive” or cover “sensitive content.” Thanks for having my back guys! They’re not going to stop us!!

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Patch Weaver says:

Only victims are SJW

Jose R says:

He should have left out any reference to the so-called "Fake" media or Obama.  The rest of the speech was ok.  12 year olds don't need to hear his whining about people who disagree with him.

Dylan Ruby says:

i love that man

lani198as says:

Delusional… sad

Alex Powers says:

I was at the jamboree and he was amazing. I'm in a troop from Massachusetts, the "liberal bastion" of the country, and by the end of the speech he had my whole troop rooting for him and chanting USA. Pretty cool dude

BOXofROX says:

"A better deal". Okay who's using necromancer trying to revive FDR and LBJ….

theAdvOkiT says:

Please upload to vidme.

kk piter says:

A better deal? Sounds like the illegal drug dealers….

jefe Anson says:

Im a boy scout and am an eagle scout, as a scout you are a scout for life and no I dont want gays in the scouts. If your a boy scout you would not vote for a democrat/liberal because boy scouts is a great conservative made organization.

chris DBZ927 says:

Trump did an amazing job.

Goldfishislife says:

I am a scout myself and one of the points of the scout law is that a scout is reverent, now for tall liberal numbskulls that means that you believe in god

Aeve Nova says:

I'm an Eagle Scout, god bless president Trump. MAGA!!!!


TRUMP is brilliant . Best President ever.

Vincent Ciappa says:

I was there as a scout, it was very exciting to see trump in person and it was a very nice speech

paperEATER101 says:

"did Obama ever come to a jamboree?" hahaha excelente!

Suud Tahtamoni says:

Hi mark !
i just respect you man for your great work , as a true believer in the conspericy " theory" i see All of us , muslims , christian and jews ( the true jews) in the same side against this madness all around the world because of this corrupt , psychopaths ( elite) .
i want you to know that in the last month alone , i've just watched your vedios more than any thing on the internet.
but i wonder why you never talked about a great truther who's now the N.1 target in the world : ( ken o' keefe) a former marine.
he's a 911 truther , and he has been fighting the corrupt system for more than a 10 years now.
he's now a political refugee in iran , and i think that your responsibility to support him speacially these days after he was subjected to an assassination attempt in the Dominican republic.
i would love you to answer me and give me the main reason why you did not talk about this great , brave man .
more : I'am really sorry for my terriblle english but the most important is that i hope my idea has been translated well.
peace be upon you and your family.

Liz Johnson says:

Hey Pres. keep telling the truth, we love you, the demon-rats & the fake reality show network can't understand why we all love you so much

Old School says:

The bottom line is that Liberals/Progressives can't stand anything that is Pro-American because they are indoctrinated communists. It's just that simple.

MadNinjaGato Shadow says:

More good scouting advice. Recognize Poison Ivy so you don't use it like toilet paper.
(Former 1st class Scout). Don't poke a sleeping Bear in the eye to see if "its dead." Don't pick up Snakes you can't recognize.

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