Julian Assange Rape Probe Dropped, MET Cops Will Arrest Him On Warrant

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The 45-year-old Aussie has been holed up inside London’s Ecuadorean embassy since 2012 as he bids to avoid extradition.

And he was quick to let the world know his thoughts – tweeting out a smiling picture of himself just moments after receiving the news.
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bebop54 says:

ron paul spoke to him from 'liberty report' ……
a few days ago …..
hopefully it's him ….

ladiesmann4545 says:

remember he is at an embassy though that would be a major move if they got him and i think they did try…..brittian needs to take back the CIA THE IRA THE FBI AND THESE COPS we cannot handle these briish companies anymore ENOUGH IS ENOUGH END THE FED END THE SHIT DOLLAR STOP AMERIKA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

Donnie Lee says:

That doesn't even look like him

Robert Garrison says:

No outcry from YouTube about the billions given to NASA and now the Saudis.

Sharon Queen says:

I always wondered why his stuff being put out wasn't stopped..they can stop anyone else? But it's for the good that he put out…

El Ru says:

i clicked on your newest video today and youtube said it was unavailable. what happened??

Janet says:

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. While I think it was good for Julian to alert the public to some nasty things going on in our government, he knew what he was doing was a crime. Why can't he put on his big boy pants and go face the music? Why expect some embassy from some nation that has nothing to do with this hide you? I mean, if you feel you don't want to go to prison and would like to be a fugitive instead, then fucking run. But do it on your own. Don't expect others to harbor you.

Pat The Cat says:

take off those sunglasses.

WindorSolar Please says:

I don't know if he is dead or alive still. I just think there are those in high places who don't want him or anyone exposing them. To me, a whistle blower is someone who knows and has proof of any sensitive matter and shares it with the public, shouldn't they be protective? I think there is too much corruption and secretive things going on.

rickster348 says:

fake rape allegations are trendy nowadays.

Penny Hancock says:

He will be snatched up alright and he will be dead like Andrew Breighbart! He will never make it to France.

Vanna6345 says:

Dahboo Rocks !

D34thification says:

When is the livestream?

Pat Patton says:

OMG… ITS FLASH THE SLOTH who works at the DMV in the movie Zoo'topia

Tj6 CBR 600 says:

YouTube channel "HA Goodman" author columnist and established journalist who is well recognized by Julian Assange and Wikileaks does great reports about them and anything related to them. He's a Bernie supporter but is honest and great source for some news

Mark Peden says:

congratulations Julian.

Janah says:

777 means or equals "Order Out Of Chaos" in Jewish Gematria. The high ranking Freemasons have as their motto on their rings ORDO AB CHAO. In Latin, Order Out Of Chaos. 777 is the Code the Media uses in all their hoaxes, staged events, and fake news stories. UN SUBBED from this low IQ TOOL.

michael cook says:

What happened with JADE HELM? aren't we all supposed to be in camps by now or are you full of shit?

ChristophersMum says:

As he has claimed refuge in the Equadorian Embassy, the power being cut just wouldn't be done being an act of violence against that country. It would be a huge diplomatic faux pas.

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