“Seven Days In May” Is A Warning Of Near Future Events

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Alex Jones compares and contrasts the 1964 film “Seven Days In May” to President Trump and the climate surrounding his presidency as the deep state moves to regain control of the country.

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neweyes777 says:

The actor playing the Prez @ 3:53 is either a Hybrid or Demon possessed. Look at His Eyes, the Eyes are the window of the soul. Demons are why we are watching a Horror Movie daily and they have our leader's souls tied up and chained to the floor within their bodies while the Demons run the show! God bless.

Wrestling Shoot Vault says:

Kirk Douglas was a rapist and self-professed zionist.

NowisEvollovetion says:

The people are always the sworn enemy of the established power structure. For when the people have finally had enough of the endless corruption and the lying. When the people decide to take back responsibility for their own lives in other words. The establishment are suddenly rendered obsolete. Power To The People.

NowisEvollovetion says:

Power corrupts!

Giustino The Great says:


eric santana says:

Or a big set up

HolyCity Sinner99 says:

Oh shit!!! That was Michael Douglas dad,lol!!! Dude looks just like his pops,that was a trip.

Zaneta Solis says:

We are the Resistance!
No one is coming to save us!

HolyCity Sinner99 says:

Was that Michael Douglas? I think CERN sent Michael Douglas through a Mandela portal jump to start in a role in 7 DAYS IN MAY.

Zaneta Solis says:

The New World Order/Deep State can't kill us all! Liberty will prevail!

Live Free, or die trying!

G says:

Doesn't Trump rule our military?  Why are they sending them to NK when they should be parked on Trumps WH lawn now!

Guns4Home Defense says:

Civil war, social unrest, riot, revolution, that will happen any time for sure. Looters will loot stores & homes, women will be raped, people will be killed. Prepare your reliable AR rifle. Cops & armies will very busy. No one will protect you.

skajari1 says:

I am the info war!

dontbedeceived repent says:

Lying Loretta Lynch should be lynched but she won't even get a slap on the wrist

lowaces says:

it will more like 100 days of the dragon from first outer limits episode

Lennis01 says:

After a lot of searching, it looks like it is nearly impossible to find this movie for free. That normally wouldn't bother me, except there are hundreds of old movies you can watch for free, just not this one. And it is especially relevant now. I am not happy. 🙁

Grant Goldberg says:

The Deep State will nuke several US cities to fracture the country so their isn't even an America left. They will cut off the internet by destroying the infrastructure. My guess is they're gearing up to hit the 10 biggest cities just like in the show Jericho. It's the only way they can get people to willingly walk into the FEMA Death Camps.

K Owens says:

Whoo hoo! It's a great time to be alive!

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