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Sub for more: | This weapon is almost certainly meant to take out American ships. Benjamin Arie for the Conservative Tribune reports, The rogue country of North Korea is continuing to rattle the saber in the face of Western nations — and the regime was just caught preparing for a possible strike against the U.S. Navy.

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Eu-Rob says:

How many persons on a aircraft carrier? 3000?

Prelude Dude Si says:

Yay so he does have a pair

b w n says:

Does anyone really believe any of this crap…..this is a hype to cover for the coming financial failure that the Feds and the US government planned…..Russia and China know all this and are watching how stupid the amerikans are.

Ag Randall says:

Given all of the lies the government has told us for years and years, I really wonder if anything about NK or any of the countries we bombed are true.

chuckles barnett says:

The US will not blink.

SilverlonewolfX says:

I understand people fearing, but people getting excited too? We are talking about war. People are going to die in the hands of others. There is nothing to be excited about for that. I understand we will be better off without Kim unless he steps down. However, it don't mean we should take pleasure. People are going to die and this will involve innocent lives too. There is nothing to be excited about. If you are happy for war… you are not human.

Black Poison says:

Sanctions are not going to work on NK, they don't care about Sanctions, they are determined to show the world, they are going to keep their Nuclear arsenal and strike the US at all cause, we going to War.

Elias says:

Take out little fat man…. If we dont take him out first he will take us out first..

Greim Davy says:

Previous Administrations thought they could work with North Korea. They bent over for this rogue state and gave them billions of dollars in exchange for ceasing the nuclear ambitions. Does that sound like Iran. Now it has got to a dangerous level. Iran will be the same unless stopped NOW. Israel wanted to take out Iranian missile but Obama persuaded them not to. Iran will have Nuclear weapons by 2018. They want wait for negotiations they will take out Israel

Ken Martin says:

Capture his ass alive. USA. So the world can watch him piss himself

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:

U.S. wins in a few days.

Brandon Shortlidge says:

I'm not worried at all. Stand back and watch God do His thing!!

ken Steve says:

Who in the fuck keep giving them these new weapon

Tom Evered says:

hot hot hot it's burning out there.

Elguapoo Bram says:

This over grown "BOY " believes that America won't attack , because he thinks China is his "countries " bodyguard so to speak, Well China has more to gain from America than from N.K. & their miniature stay pufft wee man" but I think he's just angry because America won't manufacture extra super small condoms for him. but he could always use one of them rubber finger protectors. Yoo ween deep Kim chee! Mini wee Man!……I tink sum ting Wong Witt yoo huh?….maybe sum kine nahpoweeun compwex time to see sigh keeatcwick dr. Won hung lo, oh hee twin dr. Too hung lo! ….I weckamin powder tiger dick, chwee gawons ehry dae! Den yoo may luv, not war!… Ok? Huh?

Preston Crum says:

I hate to say it but this is the beginning of martial law. Hence all the walmart closings and building prisons in them. Something is going to happen to the USA for martial law to be implemented. Whether than be some country invading or north korea somehow getting a nuke in America, its coming. God be with us all.

Kevin Sutton says:

Take him out NOW ??????? Are we waiting for someone to die pull the trigger

Hoes Bros says:

look at his haircut

shareofhonor says:

Put nuke warheads on those and they can take out a whole carrier group…

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