FBI raids home of former Trump campaign chairman

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The search warrant at the Virginia home of Paul Manafort stems from the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, sources told ABC News.


M B says:

Lock them Up!!!!!!!

Spuncky Entertainment says:

Watch all The Liberals Use this Fake Ass Shit As An Excuse To why They think The Great President Trump Sucks There was No Collusion With Russia Democrats Always Blame Russia Been doing it For Years Never Changes They just cant stand the Fact they Lost Donald Trump Is Winning we are Winning

Liberals Dont comment me back i Dont Need youre Poison

Freedom to Film says:

Trumps blind followers don't seem to mind bending over and taking it up the
ass without Vaseline or a reach around. That's a true sign of a ignorant
inbred hillbillies in America.

If you worship and love trump so much, then why aren't you sucking his cock? You know deep down you would.

Trump is as fake as god. Both have followers of the scared, weak and ignorant.

buck level says:

If the FBI raided Manaford that means they found something on Debbi wassermans computer that he was working for Hillary the Russians,Mexicans, England,German an other Foreign nations. trying to find something on Trump..

Frank Castle says:

Obama's minions doing dirty work once again

Hallands Menved says:

What "Russia investigation"? Don't you mean the Russia Fairytale?

GCNavigator says:

ABC is a joke. Google is a joke. This story is "trending?" Really? 200 views? Google, your BS globalist bias is showing. You suck.

Michael Fines says:

They served a warrant by the book. If the investigation team would have done it in a sly way, like the reporters suggested, then the investigation would have been called a sham. Gotta treat it like any other investigation, and treat everyone like anyone else or all of it is for nothing

docbar says:


BIG A says:

Obama's DOJ!!!!!!

Craftyone says:

I agree with the ones staying he should have followed Killerys and Wasserman lead. Delete emails, bleach bit, hammer the computers and turn over some phones without some cards none of them got into trouble

tony fat says:

The Deep state is going against the American people we need to stick together I stand with Trump..fuck the deep state

james maxwell says:

Putin's Puppet picked Manifort. Great judgement.

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