Fired Google engineer to file labor complaint

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James Damore, 28, author of a controversial memo on gender diversity at Google, said he is also considering suing his former employer as current and former female Google employees prepare to fight back over alleged gender pay disparity.


Steve Fink says:

The idea that men and women are exactly the same is rediculous. My statement does not claim that one is better than the other, just they are different. Why is this so controversial?

Al X says:

Hes got no respect. Hell get punched in the face a couple of times for being an asshole.

Francisco Velasco says:

Hysteria had been disproven. Lesson : don't be an ahole

Andy Griffin says:

Lol this bullshit is one of many things that's wrong with America and a reason America continues to go to shit. say anything that the elite and media disagree with will destroy you on many different levels

Greg Palmer says:

Obviously, the reporter did not even read the memo. Guess doing actual research would be too much of a hassle. She has to make her 4:45 yoga class.

Greg Palmer says:

Misleading description by the reporter. Not surprised how lazy she is. Typical.

Matt Richards says:

I read the actual memo. Idk what he said that was so controversial. I highly question how many people with a negative opinion on this actually read it

Stork Clips says:

You know who else doesn't get paid enough? James Walker of my GTA series. 🙂

Cpt. Oshawott says:

All genders should have same wages

WasatchMan says:

Fired for having the controversial opinion that more diversity of opinion is needed at the Goolag.

The left is taking western values, burning them and throwing them out the window because of MUH FEELZZZZ

thebuccaneersden says:

If his resume landed on my desk, it would very quickly find its way into the trash. I have no interest in working with or have my team work with someone with such regressive views on women.

Darcy Nishi says:

What did the feminist say to Google?

Read more

Hunter Moore says:

Good! He's a hero!

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