‘Shut up’: CNN Charlottesville panel gets fiery

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Kenneth Cuccinelli, President of the Senate Conservatives Fund gets in a heated debate with Communications Consultant for Priorities USA Action, Symone D. Sanders, on the White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Bradly May says:

oh yeah, fuck cnn and msnbc,fox,cbs,abc,telemundo, and any other bullshit "news" outlet.

Bradly May says:

im confused, I've never met one person black or any other fuckin color that has any opinion at all about robert e lee. most folks are to stupid no matter the race to have enough factual information to base an opinion. everybody needs to stop getting their "facts" from television/google/facebook/ etc….
also what does whit supremacy have to do with nazis? fuck all hate groups kkk, black panthers, any street gang on earth, nation of islam, antifa,blm, and i guess nazis also. fuck anyone who stands with or promotes any of these groups.

Advenassaurus Silva says:


Shadow Rider says:

Symone will kick his ass in person! Go Symone!

BigChawncy32 says:

I wish blacks would start killing these white folks.

Former GOP voter says:

Facists are touchy about the whole "truth" thing

BiteMyShinyMetal4ss says:

Simone Sanders' mouth is so huge, she can park a Dodge Challenger in her mouth.

TheDAT573 says:

Did she work in the Bernie Sanders campaign?

C D says:

Shut the f up cono. And your piece o shit station. That uppity broad has no common sense. Nor does she face facts

B-Rye says:

The bald orangutan, who on national television at the site of a white man being ganged up on and beaten in the street yelled "ooooo, poor white people", is telling someone else to have decorum?

Grig Van says:

fuck niggers!

Ralph Johnson says:

Cnn is the truth. Donald trump is fake

R.C.D Creations says:

STFU BITCH, i dont care if your black, white, or purple, the only reason your on the air is for CNN ratings, hows it feel to be a slave to CNN

mote le TPLF says:


Mr. Smith says:

These BLOODTHIRSTY ALT-RIGHT NAZI TERRORIST LOSERS all need to move to Russia where you belong. Before you go here's a free lesson: You lost World War 2, the American Civil War, and the Cold War. 🙂 Now go crawl back into the sewers for another century. Losers.

Truth Master says:

noone can take it if they are told to shut up..

complexadaptive says:

boy, that was productive…..SMFH….

Ron Putin says:

She deserves to be whipped for speaking the that White guy so disrespectfully

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