CRAZY! Water Receded In South America, Huge Waves Hit Africa and Wave Anomaly

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This series of events took place in South America and South Africa. Water receded from several places in South America. We also caught a huge wave anomaly over this region around this same time. On the other side of the ocean, people witnessed huge waves crashes into the shores of South Africa. Is all of this connected ?

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Steven Nodlehs says:

Using old clips as clickbait is shameful – You've shown the world that you clearly don't verify our stories, that's enough reason for me to stop listening. Bye

I Choose My Eternity Now says:

see MrBBB333 and that is impossible

I Choose My Eternity Now says:

cuz we're tilting. flat earth tilting. px is near

Terraj Sikrup says:

Out of all truther community Dahboo is so underrated and should be more mainstream as his viewership is massive. Love your work Dahboo7.

LiberalSnowFlakeHilbotTearDispenser says:


Stuart Callis says:

the only explanation for this is an underground cavity ha opened up and had a drink

Jerry Writer says:

Global climate change continues, unaware of Donald Trump's declaration it is "only a hoax".

William Bauers says:

Nibirus gravitational pull, research it, we are in trouble

Admiral Preparedness says:

Could it be from the tide????

MrJDuro says:

What do u think it is exactly, the energy burst in the map.

Thot Patrol says:

damn daboo back at it again with the clickbait

Kurt Joyner says:

Look where the beginning of the beam is located. In the south west US. I'd bet on it being a weather manipulation by haarp…


By the way that South African footage is old.


It's probably after the fake 'South Africans.'

Charles Murry says:

G E O M A G N E T I C R E V E R S A L – how many times do I have to spell it out. Absolutely no way any kind of wave, scalar or otherwise is going to affect gravity and part the seas. Yet no one wants to accept reality. Head on over to SuspiciousObservers and get a good dose of it

Nicholas Dundore says:

the video you are showing of africa with waves is 5 months old

newbone kanobe says:

Headaches. For the last two weeks or so

Zarathustra Boppalomynous says:

Get ready folks. Something big is causing the ocean to recede so far. Prepare yourselves

Run 2 Salvation says:

Could it be a pole shift?

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