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Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, President Donald Trump has been attacked by basically everyone in the media for his handling North Korea. He did not let that stop him and now it is paying off big league.

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Jan van der Meij says:

Go for it Trump .

Barry Feeney says:

Jesus Christ you talk some shit mate

The45Guy 1776 says:

What we want is for them to have NO NUKES

The45Guy 1776 says:

thats not giving us what we wanted thats patronising us because he still had more tests to do before he can really start a war because he doesn't have a system that will allow a war head to reenter the atmosphere from space without burning up and becoming worthless before it can hit its target

Alexander Afxendiou says:

finally a president with a brain only a retard would engage in thermonuclear war

bzut07 says:

Gary useful idiot… It was evil cabal’s last attempt to start WW3…
Trump is temp corp. show monkey does bark with no bite… used 59 missals based on lie and killed more beautiful babies… lol
US military and NATO is Axis of evil US criminal corp. govt. (Anglo-Saxon/Satanic Congress, Cabals and minions) NAZI army…it first used nuclear bomb (not one… two) to show their evilness and it raping helpless world community… where always terror, chaos, corruption, poverty, drugs, illegal wars… Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan… bombed based on lie… destroyed countries and cities… never been accountable for their crime… that’s why it’s keep happened… It trained only 4-5 good terrorist for 500 million… lol
Soon corp. president out (he is already signed for his resignation)… new Republic will take over…

Anthony Schrader says:

Thanks President Trump for not giving up your the best

Tom Hill says:

Don't trust NK.

Raimund Heinrich says:

If you believe anything that comes from the mouth of that little fat dictator, then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. I would not trust that slanty eyed little bitch for 1 second. During the entire time of this little nuclear circus, not 1 time did the little fat fucker threaten the EU and all of the NATO bases. Don't count your chickens before they hatch people, it's not over yet.

kai magnus says:

Lol, He knows Trump aint playing.

GI JaMeS says:

Tillerson should be giving some credit for his reasonable approach and negotiating for peace. he made some very good points.

Jim Bronaugh says:

Trump isn't playing the game. The NK is supposed to make threats and we give them what they want to stop the threat. It has been the game since 1953 and every President has followed the game rules. Now Trump comes along and thumbs his nose at the game and the NK are left hurt and confused at the change in rules. They always got their way in the past. Kim Un will now be removed from power by his family and a new 'glorious leader' will be installed. Trump will be the reason this young man loses his life. Damn you Trump.

George Blisson says:

Kimmys wittle balls shrunk back up in his guts and he catted it, Trump wins…..AGAIN, and now Kim can join Putin as the leader who Trump made lose face. LOL

etnad7 says:

Kimmy must have thought he was dealing with an SJW. How wrong he was. Good job Mr. President 🙂

Ron Gruber says:

Well it seems to me there's a lot of morons out there that need to pick up either the book and if they're not smart enough to read the audio of the art of the deal and get an education even 2500 years ago it was said the greatest evil is ignorant.

Angela Thomas says:

God Bless President Trump who will be a two term President. No weapon formed against him will prosper

Experiment Earth says:

This game is C h i n a. Can Noone see this ? Trump #1.

happy funny bunny lets play with bunny says:

Major power like US, China, Russia don't want nuclear war because no one win. Only the crazy like Kim..N. Korea…want to threaten with nuclear strike. But it didn't work out like they thought. Trump is no politician. He's only a businessman. Not a real leader…they thought. I can tell you this. Trump doesn't bluff. He won't bark unless he can bite. He's like a sentinel for your country. He'll do what it take to protect your country. You can't ask for more from any leader of a country. Unlike our leader Trudeau. He's do what it take not to protect our country.

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