Full: President Trump Briefing/EXPLOSIVE Press Conference on North Korea/Mitch McConnell 8/10/17

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Full: President Trump Security Briefing/Press Conference on North Korea/Mitch McConnell 8/10/17


Anthony Goedhart says:

Nothing this idiot says sounds logical

Jorge Skorey says:

McMaster is squirming inside.

Lorenzo G says:

Why do all the FAKE NEWS reporters always sound like totally GAY MEN with that wimpy/lisp when they talk?! Are all FAKE NEWS reporters GAY?

Summer A says:

FINALLY! A PRESIDENT who is standing up to the Round Fat People who have been ALLOWED by THOSE PREVIOUSLY RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT – to SUCK. OFF OF AMERICA and AMERICANS for Far too Long…


God's Girl Taylor says:

WOW this has been a great interview with the press. I am so please that they are asking questions that really matter. So refreshing. So tired the Russian Collusion witch hunt.
We need to be thankful that President had a plan to make positive changes to our economy, taxes, inter-structure, healthcare insurance, border control, immigration, veteran care, our military, jobs, our police, and keeping America safe by keeping out illegal gangs, illegal Radical Jihadist, illegal immigrants. And building the wall that will be energy efficient ..so why are so many spreading so many lies about this man…..? Because these people are the same people that caused the problems to begin with, and don't want him to change them.

Trumpus maganificas says:

19:43 8 years!!! MAGA

Suziq darlin says:

why is russian planes flying over us?????????????????????

tcfreestyler123x says:

Great responses from Trump

Kevin Trembley says:

get mcmaster out of there

380stroker says:

The press needs to make the switch to mirrorless cameras. More dynamic range and not as freaking noisy. Also 100% field of view via electronic view finder.

Horn Player says:

The raid on Manafort had to be done early in the morning in order to stop him smashing up his phones and hard drives with a hammer.
Why does everyone assume that US would attack NK with Nukes? There are dozens of other munitions that can be used effectively. What a great opportunity to display the USA anti-missle protection measures on four rockets flying towards Guam.

Turbo1 says:

Stand by our president

Sharon M says:

I suppose the only thing I have to say at this point would be, McMasters and Pence better take damn good care of our President. We care more about this President than anyone in the WH.

A3 Skywarrior says:

How about ending the Patriot Act as it was never needed due to the false flag

ABNAmerican83 says:

For the love of everything good, can we please get rid of that swamp goblin McMasters already!? Maybe Trump is doing the whole "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" thing but seriously! It's about as bad as having Paul Ryan around…smh

Ulvsunda says:

Wow! That was a very selfconfidence President we heard speaking.

david darby says:

The Clinton administration is responsible for a nuclear North Korea in the first place. Back in the 90s Bill Clinton gave them nuclear reactors for energy and they used the technology to create missiles.

david darby says:

Thank you President Trump for everything you have done so far. We the people will help you drain the swamp in the 2018 midterms! The Senate must be drained of it's corrupt politicians.

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