How Many Times Must Trump Disavow Extremists Before The Left Is Satisfied

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How Many Must Trump Disavow Extremist Groups Before Left Is Satisfied.

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Cryptic Response says:

Hello ppl, I am a 19 year old female who lives in a very liberal state. I have lived my entire life to believe that republicans and conservatives are terrible greedy individuals who do nothing for this country, but the events lately have been very illuminating. When one of Bernie sanders most dedicated fans went to a (I think baseball) charity game, and shot a republican senator/representative, Bernie never apologized the way trump did with this recent incident, no one blamed Bernie the way they blamed trump, no one in the media put a spin on those attacks the way the left leaning media is doing now. When people call this media "fake news", there could not be a more appropriate label, because even though they report on actual events, they ALWAYS twist the facts into a narrative that fits their interests. The bias is so obvious it's actually ridiculous, I can't even watch CNN anymore without getting sick to my stomach. On the brighter side though is that I'm young and every time I am able to vote, I will make sure that it is NEVER someone who supports the criminal left ever again.

Amund Raknes says:

Lol he just changed his mind again. He doesn´t have to do it many times, but he has to do it without a 2-day thinking period and shouldn´t need a teleprompter.

Keith Bondurant says:

Where are all the black nationalists at? And "literally every type of person" nationalists? Why would anyone for a split second think, that saying the apparently coined phrase "white" nationalist, is a good idea?

I realized the above just this very second. I had to realize it myself. Nobody in the comments or on this channel or anywhere I recall has ever clarified this. …The media is very good at hypnotizing.

White Nationalist is just a terribly demonizing phrase that sounds close to White Supremacist. That's why it's used at all. Oh, and of course the leader of such a group exists, too (I forget his name), and that's how you know they have ill intentions and are funded by… well, you know who.

John Doe says:

Are you STILL defending the Nazi party??????????

Sara Morano says:

I almost wanna go back to sleep! This is some Twilight Zone bullshit!

Tyler Collins says:

If they were victims wouldn't they find a peaceful alternative to solving the problem one that doesn't make excuses to do acts of wickedness and try to justify it by saying your the victims. I hope these individuals are not letting there minds perception guide there hearts because God sees Hearts not color.

Tim O'hara says:

Why have Infowars never understood the the true agenda? It's called algorithms to see what people see on social media. get your shit together and dig into the
 real truth of the brainwashed society we live in.

- BnQE - says:

Unite the Right!

Heather Adair says:

They're absolutely ridiculous. They f..k with him about whatever he does and does not say. Go figure. Such pettiness; I believe it's just to distract him from succeeding with his Big Agenda for America.

Freeman Pennington says:

Liberals prove every day by their actions that they're the ones that are the real fascists that they are the ones who are the real Nazis

Freeman Pennington says:

Communist liberals Nazis fascists Islamic Nazis lgbtq La Raza the KKK black lives matters NAACP rainbow push Coalition and all these other useful idiots of the globalist deep state are all the same just useful idiots that are too stupid to realize that their slaves they've been brainwashed by the false sense of individuality and Rebellion that doesn't exist or the fact that they're fighting for their so-called rights that they don't even really have and they don't have because they choose not to have them just useful idiots as Joseph Stalin would call them only good to be used until they've outlived their usefulness to their masters once their masters have gained absolute power

Freeman Pennington says:

Here's the truth the left is never going to be a satisfied until they overthrew the United States of America and turn it into a communist country because they are Freedom hating freedom of speech hating scumbags who are worthless cowards who would rather be Slaves by the way we can put it into this nonsense by enforcing the mccarran-walter ACT the Communist Control Act and especially the Smith Act which says that anyone who attempts to overthrow our government can be arrested and tried for treason and you do know what the punishment for treason the US that's right it's death

Joseph Meagher says:

I take it that's why the president had to move the White House so they can fix the ventilation problem and he'll be back in off off office on the 21st of August 2017. And I'm wondering if Donald Trump would realize that the Nelson Mandela a 33rd degree Prince Hall Mason that's right and Nelson Mandela never denounced his violence against people in South Africa. Or the hundred thousand people you wiped out. And yet we hear nothing from you that's right but veteran knows what it's like to fight a war to be shot at and how many three year old white girls won't be able to make it and white South Africa because our president Donald Trump our vice president don't give a s*** about white people in South Africa the minority group. And he'll be silent when they get butchered raped tortured butchered. Donald Trump has to indicate that the black lives matter the LT fuzz they need to start rounding them up and prosecute you them under violation of Title 18 section 7 and 8 for treason accepting money from George Soros but we hear nothing about that how many governors who are going to be arrested. Where is the FBI where are the Federal Marshals. I'm sure that when the White House has got their ventilation systems taken care of so he can have adequate air conditioning in the summer and adequate Heating in the winter things will be much better off. All men are created equal. Except for the white race in South Africa. I'm kind of looking at how many businesses do business in South Africa from America and Giuliani he's in the business of making money how come we haven't heard a Giuliani.

Ohgun says:

Double standards is the main reason why I hate the left in general.

Murray Knox says:

The MSM ever talks about free speech! You may disagree with the 'alt-right' but you should agree that they have the constitutional right to assemble and express their views. I'm a liberal and thought the president's remarks were bang on. Both groups were at fault for the violence because both sides have extremists and agitators. PC culture will not allow an objective discussion of race, immigration and Islam. I watched CNN today and not once did they blame the Left for their part in the violence!

Blade Ponds says:

It does not matter how many times he does it, they know they themselves are extremists anyway.

X-Files A says:

When will democrats disavow Margaret Sanger who founded planned parenthood to kill black people??? Democrats still support planned parenthood!!

AS M says:

who gives a god damn shit what they want…i don't care about what the left wants or the right A POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES and most of those ass holes should be hanging already! #HEH!!

Yourself says:

Like it just for the title alone.

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