James Alex Fields Perfect Cut-Out For Patsy

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Both extremist groups on either side are products of the same Globalist plot to heighten tensions, cause civil war, and establish martial law in the US.

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AntiSJW Baby says:


Noodlehorn says:

PRESIDENT TRUMP DOES NOT ANSWER TO THE MSM!! Stop pandering to them for fuck's sake. IGNORE THEM and they will disappear. He and his administration have got to stop being manipulated so bloody easily (e.g. false flag in Syria).

Paraschiv Adrian says:

I bet the Fuhrers army and folks who stayed at home also thought they were the good guys beside the chosen race, so no wonder they are so stupid to believe Antifa is anti fascist/BLM/Left/KKK are good

King Yellowman says:

Did you just say that antifa downed the copter to setup alex fields as a patsy?

Pamela Remme says:

They are using cars because they want to eventually ban combustible engines. They want us in the enslavement driverless cars. Agenda 21. James Alex Fields possible manchurian candidate.

Eric Blair says:

The DEMs NEVER denounce never disabowed the Scalise shooter, Sen. Sanders, Durbin refuse to let the FBI see their emails with Hoghkinson!!!

HomeValue Glass says:

Any violent fringe group should be labeled ALT-LEFT. Stop using the term alt-right, its ridiculous. Alt-right is merely a tern invented by Hillary a year ago to try and tie the clan and nazis to republicans despite the fact that Hillary's "friend and mentor" is Robert Byrd, the Grand Wizard of the KKK. And George Soros' foundation funds the violent fringe groups ANTIFA and BLM and Soros is literally an x-nazi. Republicans and conservatives don't fund or associate with any fringe groups. Liberals are desperately trying to make Trump supporters out to be racists and they pull the same crap with every election. John McCain was painted a racist in 2008. Romney was a called a racist in 2012. The only racists and radicals are found on the left, funded and supported by the left. Therefor use the term ALT-LEFT.

Sara Morano says:

Does anyone else notice the Nazi wannabes infiltrating the comment section? lol

MrBrymstond says:

This is not a matter of Donald Trump's rights and wrongs, this is a matter of the globalist losing control of this countries destruction…

Axometer says:

Why is it "Alt" Right as in "alternative"? They aren't living in Teepees and psychic healing. Isn't meant to be "Ult" Right as in "Ultra" Right to go one up on "Extreme" Right and then used out of context to describe anyone "right" of not believing all white people are inherently evil?

Jason Waite says:

Pedophile satanic Zionist Jews want us to hate "racists", and not them.

TheReady500 says:


Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

i lied but when you start denying community or communism you know Hugo boss has escaped via American wizardry.

Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

last on this surely "mother of all fear" america denies itself with the word disavow akin to a belief in pilgamage to the cune building of global destruction denial . yeah your born that way

Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

they used tall be in fear of the klan but hey progress , soon the holier than though love police? well sure close in some states

Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

the muppet stype music is rad , this is gooood

Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

if he had no money fame n stuff he would hate bad, much as he hates the poor and wants the healthcare changed and sex , he doesn't like change

Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

wow djt cletred of all guilt cos of charlotville and well lets face it he was born in Britain or NYC possibly

Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

he had to get jailed after so much permissiveness etc and well how regressively "retro" . The first space aged regressive culture and we possibly need the next revelation of the fusion triangle pls and like the worlds seen them know they fly but thats personal and ooooh too expensive etc

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