LIVE COVERAGE: Trump Tower Protests as President Returns to NYC

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Producer Gedalia says:

They forgot to put up a sign "I still want to be on food stamps"

Producer Gedalia says:

How many people don't work in the United States?

denzil B gaming says:

I don't care about what people protest or what ever it's called lol out of trumps tower he has done a amazing job for America and if the people can't respect that or they don't like him move to a different country

SeaDragon says:

YEP I hear the hey,hey,ho ho, ANTIFAS there.

SeaDragon says:

Sorry but these PROTESTS are just a lil too organise to be spontaneous. Do you know of ANYONE on the right who can get the word out this fast AND how many people do you know who have the time to just run out and " PROTEST."

Next, where's the SECRET SERVICE ? Since when did they allow dangerous protestors to get that close to any President ???

flamesfromblazer says:

SOROS nuff said

Charles Smith says:

Why can't we pay some KKK members to sport some I'm with Her hats.

Ken Rasmusson says:

Maybe the showing oon yyoutube agenda 21 and agenda 2030 and read it out loud to folks will maybe make them realize what they are supporting to all these liberals. I don't know it will help but worth tryin!.

bottle2lip says:

white hate groups, like neo nazis, kkk, etc have been around forever. Sure maybe some feel a bit more embolden to come out more in the public, since a white male is back in the white house. But to try and blame this on Trump is dumb, he didn't tell these idiots to all go march and riot. Same side of coin when obama got in office, certain black hate groups felt safer to spew their bullshit…its the same story

apples answers says:

can't they just turn a flamethrower on these stupid cucks lol

Oilsmoke Jones says:

They should be protesting the mayor of Charlottsville.

Oilsmoke Jones says:

Gotta nail down who's funding these jack offs..

Armando Candelario says:

TRUMP 2020!! We love you and STAY STRONG!

Voice in the Wilderness says:

all of them should be mowed down by a hail of lead. get rid of them – they are not americans and should be shut up permanently.

Toedoog says:

do these guys not have jobs to go to

cplmagnum says:

Her name was Heather Heyer

tcfreestyler123x says:

Look at the state of them

ET 2AD19 7581 says:

I'm starting up a go fund me account. I'm going to make a large rubber ass hole and put it on a Boeing 747 rear. I'm going to fill the 747 with ANTIFA . We will fly it over Russia and shit them out one by one.

WY Chinsg says:

Mindless chants. Go get a job.

msrose312 says:

Obo started this 8 years ago

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