Russell Brand – Full Interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man

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Russell returns to speak to Alan about his new stand up show!

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Alex Joseph says:

interview from 2013

Fin Regan says:

This is fucking ancient……Dickhead…..Thumbs down….!!

HelmetBlissta says:

We are all Jesus just as much as a carpenter from past.
We are all Jesus at out best, the devil at our worst.
I feel Russell thinks he's perhaps a bit more Jesus than the next man.
He's not.
Russ is Jesus just as much, and no more, than everyone else.

HelmetBlissta says:

Mr Carr has perhaps the most annoying voice on tv.

Jassell Boisselle says:

Is Russell speaking differently? He's not as "philosophical" as usual.

ELIE H says:

love the shoes

Bonnie Hartlen says:

I love both of these men, funny and more funny, I would love a shot with Russell!

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