Sinead O’Connor: Do We Live In A Mentally Ill System? The Trews (E435)

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Today’s Trews reacts to Sinead O’Connor’s recent Facebook video, in which she discussed her mental illness.

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wat says:

I wrote a comment and deleted it and now I'm pissed off that I did. I feel for her. I know what it's like to feel the way she does. "We're winning, and we're going to keep winning". Winning what? Anyone in tune with the current state of the world can tell something isn't quite right.

Majda T says:

She is just in despair, not close to suicide, fortunately she has shared the feelings and state, being bombarded with labels and judgment makes it harder, she will get better

Jim Gorb says:

You are the sickness Russell.
You capitalize on confusion even if you have no need to resort to it.
Shameful being.

EdWilde says:

Real addicts invariably end up using alone. Recovery requires connection, hence 12 step Fellowships. The food addict cake binging at 3am, alone in the kitchen, the junkie shooting up in the toilet cubicle, the coke head locked into an hotel room with the door locked and the blinds drawn….versus a group of like minded people, discussing their lives and sharing their solution. God works through people. The darkness needs us isolated.

Victor Gomes says:

Sending Sinead all the Love that she needs. Hoping that she will see and feel that in essence she is Love already. A big Hug my Dear find yourself/ Love yourself Sister. I wonder whether she has family and friends reaching out for her? Maybe you could get in touch with her Russel. Loved your views and opinions. Very well expressed. Hugs Bro.

lazyla27 says:

This is brilliantly spot on.

Nautilus1972 says:

Sinead has millions. They make Effexor in Ireland, she can't afford any?

Noirling says:

I discovered yesterday I have about 10 years to live, if I'm lucky. So to see someone like Sinead O'Connor breaking down in her room makes me wonder what the hell is she crying about?

Kathryn Meyer says:

Thank you! I love you!

Samantha Dixon says:

Yes it's a sick system the depressed are emotionally intelligent the so called normal ones are the most insane

D1visor says:

Planet of Suffering

Archimedes Woo says:

As Venerable Krishnamurti once said, It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.


I've only got to look at Russel Brand and I feel mentally ill.

Leisa F says:

Heartbreaking to see but so many suffer anxiety n depression. Sensitive ppl suffer it a lot. Its the world we live in its so busy noisy stressful and scary.we need to spend more time at the beaches n forests. Bless Sinead.. She is raising awareness n it cant have been easy to let us see

Dunning Kruger says:

Hoping and praying…. never accomplishes anything mate. Just that you think you have some sort of power over a skypappi to change "his" plan.

Alan Newbigging says:

Spot on Russell

Dunning Kruger says:

Try living with mental illness…. AND being flat broken and have to deal with everything at the same time.

Dunning Kruger says:

Faith and religion is delusion.

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