The Russell Brand Podcast | on Radio X: Episode 18 | Al Gore preview | A caffeinated wind tunnel

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Welcome dear listener. Before the Radio X show this week Russell sat down with former Vice President of the USA, Mr Al Gore. Hear clips of that, Matt’s 40th birthday plans, MMA plans and plans about funerals and why you should be thinking about your death.

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ss says:

Hasn't gore got huge financial ties to a solar company or something. Someone explains why he is on the global warming tripe

Jimmy Bruce says:

Al gore, one of the biggest shitheads ever to grace the americas. having that elitist piece of shit on is an insult to all americans!!!!!!!

Natasha Lesinski says:


Ezraa Martinez says:

Its to make up for their small egg rolls.

Robert Kirkland says:

Is it just me but I find this guy a complete cunt

Elixander Vild says:

I'll enjoy this while laying in bed

Pavle Evanski says:

Nice one, mate – Cheers!

span89 says:

Just in time for work thanks dude

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