Trump doubles down on response to Charlottesville

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‘The Fox News Specialists’ respond to the president’s remarks at Trump Tower


Scott travis says:

Is this fox? Who are these commentators?

Michael Tapper says:

this Women is Fake. scam, TRUMP 2020

2dogarage says:

See the dislike count Fox News? You just lost your core audience, no longer will we defend you fkn sellouts…

Dan Clukey says:

When trump said " there was good people on the right he is talking about the conservatives that were also there. They were not all bad people on the right so he is correct width that analogy.

2dogarage says:

Et tu Fox News? Not everyone protesting the destruction of historical artifacts was a Nazi sympathizer or belonged to the KKK but their demonstration WAS permitted unlike ANTIFA which is considered a domestic terrorist group who showed up loaded for bear and resorted to the violent tactics they've displayed at other events, did you happen to see the picture of the guy with an improvised blow torch in the clip you ran? They were blocking the road to legal car traffic, why isn't anyone talking about the red minivan that initially ran into people? There was another car behind it, who were they? Did the accelerator stick on the Challenger? Google "accelerator sticks on Dodge Challenger" and see what you come up with… or take it another direction and ask yourself why the perp's car had blacked-out windows or a license plate that ended in 1111… something much worse than Trump's HONEST appraisal of the situation is the reaction of the talking heads on this show, particularly disappointing is Kat Timms…

Bill Russo says:

What Fox is doing is a big mistake. We all saw two sides fighting Saturday, and, it takes two sides to fight. With NK going on right now, Trump handled this very well. The judgment now by ALL television media is heartbreaking. Fox has fallen into the swamp.


I had to double-check to make sure I wasn't watching CNN. Fox is fake news

Cassie Buchanan says:

u fucking people should be ashamed you should be taken out for devieingbour country you fake liers fake news bitches fuck off down with newd

Glenn Lavalle says:

They are bad. Your just not getting the fact those tards still have the same rights as the blm tards, antifa tards, an the the commi tards. They are all wackos. Yet as Americans they still have rights.

Chris Rardin says:

Good God these three are so dumb it's embarrassing. Where do you even begin? The fact that David Duke knows who Donald Trump is means nothing, absolutely nothing. What is she even talking about? White supremacist provoked attacks are extremely rare, unprovoked attacks are even more rare, the facts here were very important. When it comes to Islam there's a terrorist attack almost every single day somewhere and our intuition and gut instinct have been trained to recognize the pattern that is usually displayed with these kind of attacks. These three are just so dense it's offensive. The way you navigate through difficult situations is by calling it what it is, not by promoting narratives or playing politics. That's why people love Trump because he's a straight shooter, he calls things what they are like normal everyday people do. What in the world is wrong with Kat, yes somebody was killed on the left but somebody on the other side it could have been killed also. This is just how this particular situation turned out, but because someone on the left was killed then the left is off the hook. Unbelievable, these three truly are horrible analysts. Not a single thing they said had any value. The guy in the middle was clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable by how ridiculous they were behaving and had to remind them of basic fairness.

Cassie Buchanan says:

you fucking dick fuck liers

Cassie Buchanan says:

we need to get rid of these fake news people get them out of our country before they ruin it

yi hsu kao says:

this is cnn right ?

theyoozernaim says:

That press conference was disgusting. So embarrassing for our nation.

Mike Fletcher says:

Holy shit I'm up to 1:49. Everything that kid said was a lie.

jesus guillen says:

Hahaha I don't agree with fox news so now I'm going to call it fake you trumptards should go back to Russia. Americans don't want Nazi's here in America

Dragon Hunters Society says:

you guys are morality police the women on this panel are conflating all hate with Trump & his supporters. by claiming Trump didn't do enough x in events like y there for blame trump for other peoples responsibility to maintain law and order in this situations the City of Charlottsville, VA should be held responsible for there negligence to secure the event to have a second location for counter-protesting and after learning there was threats of violence by extremist groups on the day of the event and there was Charlottsville allowed the counter-protesters to get dangerously close to the protesters whom got city promising to be there. Also as a side not petitioned the courts to have a change of location and the courts denied them after knowing full well these extremist groups would be there unsupervised as little or nothing was done to stop/prevent this from ever happening. The City of Charlotsville is at fault and do to there oversight and negligence allowed a situation in which people got hurt and killed.

Will Luft says:

Mr Smith, clearly you are among the enlightened one's.

Daniel Smith says:

Oh boo hoo you little Nazi apologists. Even Fox fucking News is saying Trump is wrong. Trump can literally do no wrong to you idiots.

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