Why We’ve Got To Shut Down The Federal Reserve To End The Boom And Bust Cycle

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Michael Snyder reiterates how important it is to destroy the Federal Reserve in the fight to defeat the Globalist’s cycle of economic slavery.

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liabilitymate says:

Reinstate – Executive Order 11110…..

Scott Bixler says:

Privately owned central banks and unlimited lobbying is what's wrong with America and nearly the entire world. No one seems to know what to do to stop the global conspiracy of New World Order banking cartel. JFK tried and it needed to have been done during the 60's revolution. Yes, there were violent riots like we have today and it looked like something wild was about to happen, but the NWO probably decided they need much more technological development. It almost happened in 1983 and 2016 too, but it's obvious they need self driving tech and robotics as to need fewer slaves to ensure full power to the big time criminal aristocratic occult bankster high level Masonic globalists. My idea is everyone in every country agree on global peaceful revolution of laying down the fiat currencies, telling the banks and governments your money isn't worth anything to us, telling them their fired, and refusing to work or participate nor pay bills. And then mount a mutiny, military and civilian, where we all just keep the utilities, energy, and equipment going. And fight them!!!

Thyalwaysseek says:

And Trump is going to shut down the Fed? LMFAO!!! Thanks for the laugh, when did Infowars become a comedy channel?

chris credit says:

Listen to this man! Snyder obviously knows what the hell he's talking about when he says: "END THE F-ing FEDERAL RESERVE" (I added the 'f-ing' part)

Carlos Phillips says:

Read the book confessions of an anti Semite by the late Michael Collins piper and then tell the world what you think about it.the world might be surprised.

TC Da Phoenix says:

The FED has a trust account in every American citizen with a ssi numbers name. These trusts are created by using your Birth certificate to create a Corporate Fiction to trade your bond and keep you under the fraudulent debt slave system.

251omega says:

The "BOOM-BUST" cycle for which you blame the"FED" , is a characteristic problem INTRINSIC to CAPITALISM. How about having the long-overdue critical discussion of the successes AND failures of Capitalism, that has been a strict TABOO for over a century?

CommonSense 1776 says:

Follow my Instagram!

CommonSense 1776 says:


Jordan West says:

ya know everyone keeps attacking Jews when it's these nazi satanists who pose under the guise of Jews who should be hunted

Stormbringer2012 says:

I want everyone to know that 80% of the national debt is fictitious and can be eliminated simply by nationalizing the federal reserve. Poof all gone Interest free currency. That easy

Stormbringer2012 says:

Send out hit teams on a national and internationally level to take out these bankster cartel families ( and their minions) because that is the ONLY way to stop them. The formula is very simple it is either us or them

Jamie Kay says:

Alex and all helped my progression on waking up. However, I've moved on from this. We are all given the ability to really wake up. Ascension. Gaia. Galactic federation. Beauty is coming. Something so amazing. I wish y'all would try to focus a bit more on posative. Note, everything happens for a reason. There is a higher power fighting for us all, we are one! We are all spiritual beings. Focus on good, and love and light. Keep informing all as you do. If you can spread more galactic love to wake others up, with the theme of "higher frequencies " self love, forgiveness. I know this isn't in your narrative. I still applaud this channel and all Alex and his crew does. You could awaken so many at this time! Mother earth, Gaia needs all her children to wake up. I thank you for all I learned following you. Where I am now wouldn't make as much sense if I'd not had you all. There is more than Jesus, and god. The magnitude of the reality is seriously amazing and beautiful. Think of 5th dimesion. Research. Namaste.

Federico Elizondo says:

Where the Federal Reserve has been doing something that is kept or meant to be kept unseen by others but not by Trump Administration

Daniel Krauze says:

Shit video. Do us all a favor and delete your channel.

Patriot BornFreeUSA says:

I don't like the fed but the racist shit is not helping us true patriots protect all of our liberties ( liberty and justice for all) … Stay on track unless your just trying to troll and stoke the Soros fire

Dialectical Monist says:

The Federal Reserve is the big kahuna. It is the HEAD of the snake.

Evie Dee says:


Evie Dee says:

If you're a regular person and not a multi-millionaire, stay out of the stock market. You cannot win, it is very rare. The deck is stacked, and it's very unlikely to make any significant money. The chance of losing your money is much greater.

Johnny T says:

The Rothschild banking family come from Germany AND THEIR ZIONIST not traditional Jews that Israeli flag ain't Jewish

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