DANGEROUS Invades NYC Anti-Trump Protest

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MILO cameraman Matt Perdie inserts himself into a hive of frothy-mouthed white liberals outside Trump Tower in New York City. And they are very upset by the book he’s carrying.

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Negrony M says:

Wow the masses are so easy to control…

Erectile Reptile says:

These retards yell "SHAME!" without even watching Game of Thrones. The cult in the show yells that shit, while the left is a cult in itself. They don't even know how fucked up they are in the head, it's honestly kind of sad.

Kaykay Masson says:

Haaaaa typical uneducated illiterate pigs, Trump is a "looser".

Completely discredited yourself who ever you are holding that sign.

indi hays says:

Left: We're against bullying and hate! You shouldn't be able to shame people for who they are!

(Five minutes later at a protest in NYC)


Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me says:

'Looser'…i fell off my chair laughing ….what morons.

i think i will remember this moment as the moment when leftists died…

Wall Street J0urnal says:

Unfortunalty I have to go to NYC on business In September. Lucky I'm staying in my old neighborhood up in the Bronx, where people aren't bourgeois liberals larping as working class revolutionaries.

Alexandra says:

Ooh…a mass triggering!

That one woman was so stupid….

Mike Ashe says:

When you realise there are people that watched Game of Thrones and thought the people yelling "shame" were the heroes

aires163 says:

And now I start my morning with an angry fire burning in me.

Keith Walk says:

What a brave motherfucker!!!

ashton parrish says:

you know, as much as we might disagree with these people, i will give them props for at least seeming mostly peaceful. from what ive seen, this was a good demonstration of a non violent effective protest where they stated their opinion without rioting, breaking into buildings and assaulting people, or committing domestic terrorism.

LSU Cyndaquil the furfag says:

Am i the only one that thinks going to an anti-Trump protest in full MAGA gear would be fun?

Ludwig Henriksson says:

Libtards in a nutshell.

Green Onions says:

Sickening politicians trying to pull a Libya/Ukraine in the U.S.A.

watsup twok says:

What a bunch of mindless retards.

Omar says:

All conservatives should be allowed to conceal carry because of the madness coming from the left!

Omar says:

Sick people all of them. Disgusting vermin

Orthas1 says:

This is glorious 😀

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