Fact check: Trump wrong on whether he waits for the facts

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CNN’s Jake Tapper looks at President Trump’s stated reason for his 48-hour delay in condemning white supremacists. Read more at www.factcheck.org/ .


Zero Sum says:

No, this guy is wrong for supporting ANTIFA communism. They showed up unpermitted with intent to violence. Both sides to blame. This is propaganda.

TeleTube says:

Fuck you Jake Tapeworm. I thought you'd be a better person, but you clearly are not.

pinky pony says:

facts and Trump are like a vegan in a slaughter house.

Steve M says:

The more we talk about race….the bigger problem it will become. It will literally fuel more racism.

Donna V says:

I got news for you Tapper, Trump was right to be cautious! Stop trashing POTUS and encouraging the divide in this country. It makes us appear weak and divided to other nations.

GorgeousGordon says:

So….. Certainly Not News (CNN) What's the update on … > FBI has reopened case on search for Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting?
Jake Crapper … You suk …

georg57 garvy says:

CNN communist news network for niggers and white niggers.

cjvvaliente says:

A sound, logical statement based on actual facts. Thank you CNN. Expose the liar in office!

John Smith says:

Why doesn't CNN hire goyim?

Terry Hardy says:

watch mark dice

John Smith says:

Hey Tapper is your Kalergi Plan not advancing fast enough?

Timmy Martling says:

Too bad Jake never checked any facts when it came to Trump/Russian collusion. He lost his credibility over that.

Costitutionalist AntiPelosi says:

you people on the left are some sick ignorant morons. you have little to no thinking skills. you jump into the fray without facts on a daily basis. its like you people are connected by a george sorros umbilical cord. you sit there and wait for the dog whistle of mslsd and cnn to call you home to your savior.

Bobbi Bucket Bong says:

Hey, Crapper get the "BAT MAN" on the phone, he will fix up Trump u silly man.
CNN Comedy News Network
CNN is Herpes
Ball bag

tuco james says:

Hope he's not using the same Fact Check site I used, some of the things are wrong. One reason I hit the Library, GOOGLE Search also has incorrect info :S

Johny Weedseed says:

So fake first of all he said Something 20 minutes after it started to happened

outlander says:

just stoped by to thumbs down the video.

Taylor Delma says:

He's just always will be wrong and so orange just look LOL

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