MILO Meets Michael Malice (on North Korea)

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What is it like when you step off the plane in Pyongyang? Michael Malice is one of the few Americans who knows. The North Korea expert sits down with MILO to discuss the pervasive warmth of the North Korean people, Kim Jung Un’s respect for Donald Trump’s verbiage, the threats of nuclear war, and the potential for regime change in the hermit kingdom, all from his new book, Dear Reader. Order a copy of Dear Reader here:

MILO’s book DANGEROUS is available now, published by Dangerous Books.

MILO’s tour, TROLL ACADEMY, begins late summer. To apply for a tour stop, visit.



Lord Enlil says:

Michael Malice should be appointed embassador to North Korea.

lXMaverickXl says:

Yeah North Koreas troop numbers and weapons numbers mean jack shit when the men are malnourished and poorly equipped and their weapons are old Soviet/Chinese designs that have been obsolete for 30+ years.

They would get one bomb off and be swiftly non-existent. They can draw the sabre anytime, they will get one piddly swing at most.

Owen Thompson says:


Garrett Howard says:

2 Bad bitches on a couch.
Sign me up!

davidmcccsf says:

One must look at the horrors the USA delivered to the Koreans and the yearly nuclear war games we play on their shores that simulate the nuclear devastation of N. Korea and the annihilation of the N. Korean people. The United States poses the greatest threat to world peace in its desire to bring tyranny under its rule to every nation of Earth. It is a pity the evil we do all for greed. And the lies that Americans swallow is a total facepalm. The US needs to be disarmed for the sake of the world. 🙁

Melanie Kaweck says:

I wish instead of posting when it's uploaded it would say when it was recorded

Adam Eve says:

is this guy gay? because he's got that queer voice, and the faggot to his right does not 0_o

enphernoe says:

Totally dig your 1on1 interviews Milo, keep it going sir.

Polish Warrior says:

It is important to ALWAYS say German concentration camps… Nazi’s are not some form of Aliens that landed on Earth or something…

MrLolmaster101 says:

milo ought to go to north korea and read dangerous in pyongyang

xmikex902x says:

This guy has one of the most punchable faces. It looks like it's melting

geddim0811 h says:

excuse me

I identity as a picket fence. Thanks for understanding.

MDB says:

I adore Milo's interviews he is just so good, he reminds me of long dead people who could interview with respect and actually get into a person and subject. Long may he continue. Send the books it would be such fun.

Kate Catinella says:

Ty Milo, ordering Dear Reader and Dangerous.

Treyson Martin says:

This was gold.

AgitatedGoose says:

Memes aside, this is a such a great interview. Sassy Milo is hilarious, but professional Milo, for me at least, is much more enjoyable to listen to for longer. periods of time.

chesshooligan 1 says:

I don't think North Koreans are going to be interested in microaggressions.

Maude Beth Mathilde Haworth says:

Any of you cunts have a problem with my comments on Korea and China can bring your Bitch asses to Roanoke. My boys can stomp your asses and send you on your way. You have your opinions and I have mine, I don't give you a rash of shit for your opinions so fuck off. If you got something to say then say it to my boys, but you SJW cucks only feel comfortable talking shit at a distance. If you need transport to get here I will pay for it and then we can see what Real Big Men you are. Otherwise fuck off and shut the fuck up.

He stole my blue-eyes white dragon says:

Kim Jong Oink

Lepermessiyah says:

Excellent interview milo. Perfect timing too. Keep it up!

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