Milo Yiannopoulos Exposes The REAL Alex Jones

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Milo sits down with Alex Jones in the Infowars studio to talk about President Trump, the double standard of the mainstream media, and how Breitbart and Infowars can change the news paradigm.

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RogueTalent541 says:

great stuff here. this is the real America.

GunClingingPalin says:

11:45 Yes Alex you have Asperger's very gifted.. keep working it out with the info.. crank it out Ass Burger.. same here… Aspergerish.. heh.

Leo Stoler says:

Alex you're one of my biggest inspirations in life. Authority is powerful and anything that powerful must be surveilled!

futurestorms says:

This video is a beautiful primer to show anyone who needs to be informed on this vein of alternative media. A++

Edward Alexander says:

So many gay jokes to make…so little time

Co Bull says:

excellent interview

Joey Arnold says:

McMaster is a SOROS. Bill Clinton is a ROCKEFELLER.

Tracy Bartell says:

I love you both; you guys have great chemistry, which is very complimentary. I really enjoyed both recent interviews and being able to see you both from another angle.

Rob Hill says:

Megan Kelly was just so pretty, I get why she had to do down It was hard to watch.

Roster # 222 PePe says:

Informed veterans will never leave Our President's 6!

Knights Blade says:

Aliens are Demons manifested in the flesh. Jesus Christ is Lord !

Chernobyl Farms says:

Dr. Pieczenik was saying, "…and gave the order to get rid of any childr–"

Apparently not important enough to skip a break.

kurt wagner says:

Milo is the Man!…

Bryan Hallman says:

Alex, the more you keep praising Trump for the stock market, the more it will be an albatross when it goes down! You both have to stop doing that.

Look into what the International Monetary Fund is trying to with the dollar, and how the American economy will be swirling around the toilet bowl, once they pull the trigger.

H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X says:

Alex lags in ratings among the gay crowd. Milo's the perfect thing to turn that around

Dr. Fresh_2k says:


3rdworldtraveler says:

2 racists fascist bastards , great interview i love white supremacist nazis

Chosen for a reason says:

Milo what's with the 80"s jacket ?

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