Milo Yiannopoulos Is Returning to Relevance (HBO)

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In February, Milo Yiannopolous was invited to speak at the university’s campus – but never did – after a seething mob of opponents, hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails forced the university to cancel the event.

But it’s the exact reaction right-wing provocateurs thrive on — and now Milo is seizing the moment to return to relevance.

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Brett M says:

Milo is comedian, he freaking nuts, but when he is serious he does make good points

Adrian Flinn says:

milo is my favourite shit

d3ug says:

"Right-Wing Provocateurs" The guy that drove the car into the crowd is what you would call a "Provocateur" not Milo.

Eric x says:

I used to like Milo until he admitted to animal torture. Now he's an obnoxious faggot.

belencita says:

he should deactivate himself

SavageInstitute says:

That is one dangerous faggot.

Jon Sjoblom says:

Isn't this a reupload?

The Grand Poobah says:

Liberals who hate Milo are homophobic Nazis.

Tobermory Cat says:

That was dull.

14598175 says:

When you see more thumbs down than thumbs up, you know you're watching fake news.

Games Archive says:

Feminism is Cancer

That Edward says:

He wouldn't be 'returning to relevance' if idiot publications would stop interviewing him. Let the pedo apologist die in obscurity, already.

EwanB says:

He's trying so hard, just says whatever with no conviction

Sam Huang says:

Take down this video , you are feeding them oxygen

Orthas1 says:

Sweet, sweet snowflake tears in the comments.

Ty Haarsma says:

a lot of this footage is old…thanks vice..

Tailypo says:

Milo obviously knows nothing about Moynihan if he's calling him "the left".

Chad Zeller says:

What an empty headed loser this guy is. Absolutely no substance to anything he says. Just cheap, outrageous word salad to get attention. Sad little man.

eon001 says:

Wow there giving this pedo apologist a platform?

Diego says:


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