RNC chairwoman reacts to Charlottesville violence, Trump’s remarks

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Ronna Romney McDaniel speaks to “GMA” about her own reaction to President Trump’s remarks that “there is blame on both sides” for the Charlottesville protests and discusses the growing backlash among Republicans.


Ben says:

Does anybody remember the Dallas shooting last year?BLM?

gau Dominguez says:

fuck you bitch

gau Dominguez says:

fuck you bitch

Kimberly Singleton says:

No he didn't he is a liar

Donald J Trumptard says:

trump is bringing is people together against him. if you follow trump in this life then you will follow trump to hell in the afterlife.


This useless topic should be forgotten by now. Start the nuclear war already!

pniiice says:

She supports Trump. DONE.

Shaggy Rogers says:

God Bless Antifa! Thank you Antifa for confronting fascists, Nazis & KKK in American streets! No one should wait for a racist President to confront Nazism & KKK in the streets. Every good & decent American should confront the Nazis & KKK. They shouldn't be allowed to occupy one square inch of this country!
Face them!
Fight them!
End them!

BADGUY 1 says:

What BS. The Anti-fa and Black Lives Matter Terrorists are the cause of the violence. The KKK and MANY others who were there were peaceful until these leftist traitors showed up. And the MSM is blaming Trump for calling all parties guilty of the violence? What scumbags.

Teezy da Rapper says:


dvsxavier says:

The Leftwing Media suggested President Trump had a soft spot for the Far Right. Even though he denounced again. This is another attempt to drag these attacks against our President.

dvsxavier says:

During the election campaign, Donald Trump DENOUNCED David Duke, the KKK, the Neo-Nazis.

dvsxavier says:

Mitt Romney, A Mexican, is giving notice to POTUS about American moral values & Republican party policies?

Marcos Juarez says:

The violence in Charlottesville is not blamed on many sides. It is only blamed on white nationalists, what supremacists, and the Klu Klux Klan who are right-wing terrorists and thugs. These right-wing terrorists are the ones with the bigotry and hatred and they will be cut down like God's wrath. These right-wing terrorists are foul devils.


White People should kill colored  and foreign people…not protesting about it like pussies…

Joe Hill says:

She is just as racist….. Sick making excuses for Trump!

Lillie Sturgis says:

Did you really thought that she would say ANYTHING against Trump? She love her position.

Shaggy Rogers says:

If the US Govt. won't confront Nazis & KKK in the streets then Antifa will. Any decent person would spit in the face of Nazism & KKK & not allow it to occupy one square inch of this great country! E Pluribus Unum! Out of many (races) come One! That's America!
To hell with the supremacy of one race!
Face them!
Fight them!
End them!

Pamela says:

The old republican answer spin. So strong personal response, but not toward trump. Disappointing. Guess she forgot the Detroit riots.

Shri Ram says:

Trump and Trumpites are disgrace to humanity.. They should be thrown out of America

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