“What About The Alt-Left?” President Trump Destroys CNN Reporter Jim Acosta On Charlottesville

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“What About The Alt-Left?” President Trump Destroys CNN Reporter Jim Acosta On Charlottesville

this is latest news today, president donald trump gets into it with multiple reporters about events that happened earlier last weekend
this is political news and politics news along with breaking news and latest news president trump held a press conference or a press briefing for reporters where in the news conference he spoke about many things and trump speech was given earlier this was the exchange afterwards and is latest news today and trump news and trump today this was taken live in full this is big

original air date: 8/15/2017


David Ply says:

No matter what our president said or dose will be good in the eyes of liberals and I paint them with a very wide brush. He has done more for our country than the last 6 presidents. They want a war and they will not stop until they get it and then when we start poori g out the hate and discontent on the they will want a time out. We will have to crush them God is on our side with him who can stand aginst us. I no its not the baby killing left libtards it time to hunt.

Tim Heinze says:

LOL, he asks a question of the reporter and when she is in the process of answering, he interrupts with a different question, which he interrupts again, telling her to wait a minute while he rambles on.

Vman 77 says:

Trump tells it like it is. The people know the truth the media are leftist parasites

Connie B says:

McCain voted against repealing current healthcare without a better replacement.

Woodsman says:

There is blame for the idiots on both sides ! Truth !

Cmeth 08 says:

Dont trust cnn

Jim Johnson says:

thank you Mr president TRUMP for being a real president!

Infidel says:

Liberalism is a mental illness, DemocRats are the true racist party!!!

Steve Drake says:

I would like to take every one of these reporters and curb stomp them. What despicable frauds and liars.

shaska ocelot says:

Staline. 50 millions death. Mao 50 millions death. Pol Pot. 5 millions death. Thank you lefties for this.

Michael M says:

He should call out each group regardless Antifa & the Alt-Right basically have the same views. Watch Louder w/ Crowder's video on it on 3 ways how they're both similar. Antifa is Communists/Anarchists while the Alt-Right are white supremacists. Since when does the world Nationalists have the definition of Nazi?

buddybudmac says:

I hope Jim Acosta gets into a horrible car accident

buddybudmac says:

Neo Nazis are leftists!

buddybudmac says:

I LOVE how Trump and his team deal with the media now!

tom jackson says:

Finally, a President with balance and good judgement. What a change from his predecessor.

Bjorn Ironsides says:

Proud to have voted for this president. Finally, someone calling out the media for their hypocrisy. The media and brain dead leftists are a bigger threat to American freedoms than any terrorist group. If this country were to collapse from within… you'd know who would be the cause of it. Definitely not the pathetic group of white supremacists. They're nothing compared to the leftist propaganda machine.

Lovely Seaflower says:

He is telling the truth, and fake news keeps trying to spin it the other way. How many acts of violence perpetrated by the "alt-left" have we seen over the past 6 years? Plenty

jonh Miller says:


Glitters go says:

I think Trump just destroyed himself in 5 minutes…fastest selfdestruction EVER…..pooof. Sad covfefe

pepe antonio says:

All of then are guilty. What are they not at work like everybody. They are in the middle of the streets, stopping traffic and breaking stuff that cost money to the worker class of this country. President is right all of them are guilty and they shouldn't be in this country.

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