Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Thursday (8-17-17) Pastor Rodney Howard – Browne, Mark Dice

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Thursday, August 17th – Statues Removed Across Country – Liberals are furiously moving to remove statues across the nation, days after President Trump criticized Dems for “re-writing history.” We’ll discuss the latest White House inside baseball with Roger Stone, including rumors that chief strategist Steve Bannon may be removed. Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, the man who exposed the deep state initiative to “take out” Trump, also joins the show today. And Mark Dice breaks down why liberal hysteria and triggering is at an all-time high after Trump condemned “both sides” for violence. We’ll also take your calls during this worldwide transmission.
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Thenew Neandertalien says:

A smart South African pastor Rodney Howard: "Trump will set up "Globalist" (NNE: i.e. British) agenda back by 50 years". Analysis: most of the Americans do not get it.
The “deep state” is an imaginary entity. The entire US bureaucracy is engaged in an open sabotage and treason. An update on the US as of July

J. Randy Pollack says:

"When you start feeling you stop thinking." Think that says it all…

Lucifer Lightbringer says:

Thanks Conspiracy Scope 2. I prefer your channel over Ron Gibson's way more. KUDOS!

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