Omarosa Destroys Joy Behar: You Should Retire!

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Omarosa Hits Joy Behar – Must Be ‘Really Hard’ to See Trump as President

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Louise Argirakis says:

They're clueless!! Know absolutely nothing regarding Clintons!! Well done Amarosa

Aaron Blake says:

What an old boot …

Louise Argirakis says:

Well Done Amarosa…these women are really not clued up of what's happening out there. John McCain needs to apologise to the American people for being a traitor

Ada Nacym Reklaw says:

Armored Omarosa is an American Patriot. Cheers!!!

Ada Nacym Reklaw says:

Lemon…what an idiot. A crybaby at thirty or forty something. So damn pathetic it is embarrassing!

Ada Nacym Reklaw says:

Long Live The President, the Great DONALD J. TRUMP! Long Live the Trump family! Long Live The United States of America and all that it represents! Long Live the Patriots of President Trump's Administration and their supporters!

Something to ponder: Bonuses might have been doled out to cnn assholes "if" Trump had lost the election? Hmmmmm? Sounds right!? And…bigger bonuses if they can bring him down!
MONEY, after-all, is the only reason that greedy cnn employees (I refuse to call them journalists!) would still be vomiting fake news.

President Donald Trump, please come to Canada and be our leader. We need you NOW!

Ada Nacym Reklaw says:

Joy Behar…? Come on! Seriously! I really thought the view's "witch panel" was a parody. Hunh? Go figure!

Angela Nicholson says:

Joy is a rough old bag, isn't she, sitting with her fist on her hip looking for a scrap and a clap!!

Sam Son says:

People are sick of this type of media…

Michael Parleblue says:

Joy is an ugly bigoted bitch!

R N says:

joy you old dried up brainless c u n t

Mark Potter says:

Oh my gosh, tread softly around this woman, she will surely cut you to ribbons.

Vaslios Kosman says:

what i want to know what parent would name this thing Joy! Mr. and Mrs. Satan?

Vaslios Kosman says:

what i want to know what parent would name this thing Joy! Mr. and Mrs. Satan?

Tracy Tondro says:

Lmao…. It looked like those View women were VERY intimidated by Omarosa! She's a beautiful badass who put them in their place- I just wish she could've kept going!

Jennie Hughes says:

Very old . Unsubscribed .

no where says:

God these women look like shit

whutzat says:

Five women against one Omarosa…I pity those five women.

paul42171 says:

Every time a liberal is triggered….an angel gets it's wings!

Ang wilcox says:

Omarosa is a excellent example of a true American who happens to be a woman.

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