To Tell the Truth – Wildest Mustangero; Sleep rearcher (May 9, 1966)

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PANEL: Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, Kitty Carlisle

CONTESTANT #1: Jimmy James (Wildest of the Mustangeros)
CONTESTANT #2: Jay Rosenberg (Author of cookbooks for students)
CONTESTANT #3: Gay Luce (Sleep researcher)
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Crispin Cain says:

Actually, back then as now every adult in the USA is allowed to make 175 gallons of beer or wine for himself, and an equal amount for everyone in the household, per year tax free without a license or permit.

Greg .Patrei says:

On this show, as with many of the episodes, Orson Bean gets very little information from the panel. In his effort to be funny, which he seldom is, he wastes time. When he finally gets to asking a question, it's usually an inane one at that.

KaptKan1 says:

Some of the things the long knives say about Native people are, to say the least, ignorant as hell.

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