The Fox News Specialists 9/1/17

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The Fox News Specialists September 1, 2017
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darb Ro'jam says:

Why can't anybody put the whole show on. It's kind of like a tease. Leaves you hanging. I'm done with this channel.

Geri Huginn says:

In this state of emergency, I believe that the best thing for the chancellor to do is to acquire emergency powers, declare bankruptcy, jail the bankers & pay for this disaster by repossessing & liquidating all the assets of the criminals on Wall St & bankers that we arrest & try for treason. We need a youth program for our upcoming generations. They are the torchbearers who will lead the way emerging from the chaos of war & corruption into the future of lasting peace.

jae jung says:

Stfu, u crazy ilogical nonsensical person.

jae jung says:

What about law and order. I am a minority, came here legally from Asia. Sick n tired of the argument, we are here n you better get used to it. We need to shut off the faucet before we start cleaning up the mess. The borders are porous, water still overflowing, and it just doesn't make sense. I am with middle America.

pigboykool says:

Look at how emotional all these women in the show, keep yelling at Congressman Chaffetz not letting him talk. They think no logical argument needed if they yell loud enough to everyone.

julie Hairr says:

Leave the people along. Quit hounding them right off the boat. People at their worst time.

Marco Polo says:

Kat n Eboni suck ass!!! Kat is a complete dingbat!! and Eboni is a racial cook!! total SJW!! cant watch anymore….

Bonita Jones says:

I hope they show the dogs 60 in one home is crazy.

Stormy Sounds says:

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