LIVE: Moscow Muslims gather in front of Myanmar Embassy in solidarity with Rohingya

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Moscow Muslims have gathered on Sunday in front of the Myanmar Embassy in solidarity with Rohingya Muslims who claim to be persecuted in the troubled northwest of the country, according to photos and videos on social media.




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2017RS says:

Rather a quiet Muslim demonstration. Muslims in Russia are different from their co-religionists in the Middle East.

Yoda Dunbar says:

What the media and screaming lefties fail to inform the sheeple, is the fact the Muslims being puched out, were in fact murdering Monks and anyone else who got in their way, now that the decent people had enough they fought back and now the muslimes are crying like little cildren. Remember when that Muslim was sitting in the WH, he warned the then President of Myanmar to stop the assaults on his family, didn't say boo when the muslims had butchered a monk and others
This is BS, Myanmar are doing the right thing, as we all know, Muslims are not easy to get along with, and when things don't go their way, they scream Islamaphobia racism, genocide, even after they raped and butchered all those Yazidis, when the Yazidis fought back, they cried
Same as the Palestinians, they launch missiles into Israel every day, not caring if these bombs kill babies, but run crying like babies to the UN and of course the spineless Muslim sympathizers in the UN< condemn Israel. At least America now has an American Prez who won't bow down to the UN

Hi NHPT says:

All pipi-cuted parasites must be separated from human's.

Hi NHPT says:

All pipi-cuted parasites must be separated from human's.

Shivam Gen says:

Just One Suggestions. Why dont these Caucasians Muslims Import Some of Rohingya Muslims Rats into their part of the World. after Few Years, they them self will start killing these Rohingya Muslims Rats. Coz. With Some Muslims even Muslims Cant live with.

Mark Knight says:

Russia should Stand with Burma and the Buddhists . the Rohingya are just like the Chechens who want Sharia Law and world domination. China should also stand with burma becouse the rohingya are like Uyghur who want Sharia Law and world domination.

Jerry M says:

Muslims are fanatics and cannot coexist with any other peoples. Thank you Buddhists for killing them. Every Muslim must die. It is them or us, the civilized races.

Sagans Run says:

Well one thing here. You don't see any girly men here. These got balls not fake Gina's like our men. No rainbow hair and pink panties here.

Sagans Run says:

Islam is a disease not a religion.

Sagans Run says:

Scratching my head.. so what's going on?
I didn't think there were any Muslim in Russia.

De La Plata says:

Fucking moros…

Siva Prasad says:

When Hindus were thrown out of Kashmir by the Muslims nobody protested .

Freedom isn't free! says:

Islam is cancer!

Korn says:

Even Chinese hate muslims!! I'd much rather live under communism than muslim scum.

Truth Teller says:

There you are. Freedom of speeh in Russia is far more better then in US

Bingku Xyavong says:

Sorry but the Ethnic Rohingya don't belong in Myanmar nor do they have a history being there the first place since ancient times. These people just need to find shelter with their Muslim brotherhood in the Middle East.

ltmikepowell says:

Folks, time to look out for WAHHABI mole.

MKathy SHEIN says:

Shame on you- the groups of media who have repeatedly lie about this issue to muslim communities within Russia and beyonds.
It would not be happened when those muslim communities know the truth regarding the native Rakhines were in danger for their lives and land.
Those bengalies terroists are good at slotting and buring houses. So scary in realities.

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