Paul Joseph Watson FULL interview: Mass immigration, left-wing hate and Brexit

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Westmonster spoke to Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) about the impact of mass immigration, the left-wing hate machine, mainstream media and how the EU is hoping to block Brexit.

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anon for good says:

"MSM is a joke" – True. I no longer live in the Uk, haven't done for some time. The only way I really know what people in the UK think about the EU etc is by watching youtube. MSM does not reflect reality. I no longer trust it.

What really bought it home to me was Trump clearly denouncing violence (on both sides) at Charlottesville, yet MSM saying that he wasn't!

Lindsey says:

I would love to see you on Hannity

BritFam says:

Great interview, deserves many more views and much more attention.

A. Alistair says:

Paul Joseph Watson…. You are the catalyst of effective online discourse for this generation…and why cavemen chiseled on walls…<3

ZENOIST2 says:

Free speech is under a very real threat.

gingerbobful says:

What a awesome young man. Wish he would get into politics .

Nick Eldridge says:

Paul gave a very good account of himself here … one of the best bits of speaking I've seen lately … measured and dignified.

jon jon says:

We all don't believe in things we believed in ten years ago. Couldn't of put it better myself. I used to vote for Labour, never again.

The Green Knight says:

Can't SJW The PJW.

Enterganda Enterganda says:

I'd like to know more about the technical aspects of his art like the technology that he uses and whether he has help with videography and research. Frankly, I'd also love to know how he balances his private life with his workaholia. Personally, without being sycophantic, I find PJW to be a inspirational genius so, without embarrassment, I'd love to know more about his art and work/life balance but especially about his technique because he is influencing the medium through which people nowadays debate.

jellymulder says:

He's great, I wish he would get involved in a political party too.

Austrian Markets says:

Really hope West Monster takes off

Believe In Brexit Britain says:


Jay Sun says:

Hope your channel takes off. So far so good, great interviews.

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